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    [RSGP] Lvl 65 Initate pure,DT done 73magic CHEAP! [RSGP]Hey there im selling my initate pure for rsgp ONLY! Im selling cheap because of it's not the best stats but its a good start. A/W: 10-15m Stats: Wealth: Add me at if you like to: [email protected] awesome pure 99 strength 69 combatSelling my low level pure, perfect for f2p, as i want to make (or swap) a new 60 attack hybrid. This account has a original and good name (no numbers or spaces and ISNT a email) Bank is around 5m Looking for PAYPAL or SWAP. Contact through either the thread, PM or . email: [email protected] 99range/mage main for 99 str pure!sythe/showthread.php?t=1108036 tht is the thread for the main acc. the pure must have 1 defence. if interested post here.Selling Pure , Done DT And MMHello , Selling A Pure , Done DT And Monkey Madness Just Comment with an offer or Add My , This Account Has got Sara Cape and Full Sara Book And Bear Mask [email protected] lvl 66 hybrid with firecape! rsgp!s1183.photobucket/albums/...view=slideshow link to pics. has email but i have no access to it. all original info provided for the account, i.e prev passes creation details and any info u want that i can provide. need to fund new staker. omm will be used if u pay fees otherwise we can work something out.Selling Starter Zerk With , 99 Hunter , 89 Theving!Title Says it All , Offer and Add my or Comment [email protected] Thanks[RSGP][PAYPAL]Sellin 76cmb 99range 99mage 90hp 1def 44pray!*FULLY QUESTED+ZAMMYBOOK*..:: INTRO ::.. Hello potential buyers! My name is Tim and I am attempting to sell this wonderful pure of mine. This is a very SERIOUS transaction to me so I would appreciate it if you acted the same way. I am selling this account because I've freshly turned 19 and I feel as if I am getting to old for this game to be apart of my life. (Not saying anyone old can't play this game, personally the way my life is headed this will not be apart of my life.) I rarely play anymore and I NEED this money in order to buy a new microphone to finish recording a Mixtape I am working on right now with a couple friends. So I already know the lowest amount I am willing to take for this account. ..:: Account Stats ::.. 76 cmb. will provide pic if needed Its only 55,242xp until 90 hp which is basically nothing :p Also only 25,414xp from 83 strength.. which IS nothing ..:: QUEST/ITEMS ::.. Addy gloves Unholy book, so it has all the Zammy pages. Mind shield is also the best magic defense from a shield a pure can get, from element workshop II ..:: Black Marks/Recovery ::.. No bank pin set, No recovery questions, No e-mail registered, and No offences. ..:: RULES ::.. 1. I'll be recording the whole transaction, scammers leave now. 2. I'll only do PayPal if you are verified. 3. Official MM will be used, or you can go first. I will not go first. 4. NO SWAPS OR ACCOUNT OFFERS!! RSGP or PayPal only!! 5. Don't spam my thread, only post your offer. 6. Post your offer here first, with your included. 7. Ask for a pm ..:: CURRENT HIGHEST OVER ::.. The starting bid which is 60m Thank you for your time, thetimtheselling 2 pures! 94 strength must see!!Selling 2 accounts. i would prefer RSGP because i was scammed and lost a lot of money however i will accept paypal. i realize im new here so we will use a mmo or you first ofcourse i have no need for these accounts because my main is kicking love you in duel area account 1: Account 2: Stats: Accounts 2 stats: [hr] okay post offers of which account and your bid or pm me i'll post highest bidding amount here i also rushed making this thread so let me know if i have uploaded the some pic no accounts have anything worthy of being in the bank highest bidders account 1: - no bid account 2: -no bid
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