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    Crazy hybrid Iniatiate pure| 2 99s | [SELL] ( 1 2)Closing this thread due to no serious offers, PM me if truely interested. I would like to sell this acc to someone trusted via PP, talk to me if you like the account. 99 strength 90 hp 80+ attack 80 dung 94 magic 20 defence 92 range init pure for sale. Has teh rapier. Accepting Verified PAYPAL USERS Accepting RSGP as well, valued .5$/M stats - ^ not 100% accurate. bank - blackmarks - login - rune pure 85cb w/ 99str for rsgphello, i realize i am not a trusted member as of this moment. i would appreciate info on how to make this post better. i have no idea how to post photo's on this site. The account has 0 blackmarks the stats are 40att 99str 40def 88hp 30mage and 47pray. i will email photo's if requestedselling lvl 80 pure 99 str, 99 range and 97 [email protected] a/w 50m or $35Selling a Good Staker - RSGP - PPHey Guys , Im selling this Staker for RSGP or PP , No a/w set yet , and no Starting bid Start bidding![RSGP] 3 Amazing Accounts ! [Swaps] ( 1 2 3)Hi Cameron22 Selling 3 amazing accounts. I know i'm new here but i have alot of online forum experience and im trusted on other RS forums so i will not go first unless i deem you as trusted. I will use a OMM at your expense anyways on with the accounts. [email protected] I will trade all of them for a turmoil pure with 30def or a rune pure with turm.Or a really nice pure with chaotics. Account 1 (Pure) This acc has DT , MM done and is fully quested and ready to be a very nice pure ! Also 99 fletching. Account 2 (Berserker Pure) Has venge and DT ! Fully quested with rune gloves ! Account 3(Rune Pure) This account was rolled back and has MM and DT done. 99hunter ! Methods of payment __________________ -GB accs w/ trophys/Low ranks -OG's -Verified Paypal from trusted members. -RSGP -Account Swaps(RSGP) Selling Turm zerker!! (RSGP)This is my Turm zerker I bought from Skills Mate. I Bought it cause i thought i would use it alot. Turns out i dont really play that much anymore. Will Swich to ur email and remove recoverys when i find a nice buyer...Spammers will be reported.100m to spend on pure/skiller POSTyeah, i have 100m to spend on a pure or a skiller, would prefer to trade with trusted members rather than nubsSwapping a Nearly Maxed Staker for a good pureTitle^^ Thread Here sythe/showthread.php?t=1191737
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