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    Lvl 81 Staker (won a lot of fites)Hello everyone I am new to this forum, I will go first who got 20+ rep, otherwise we ill use omm(you pay). I am accepting $ and rsgp. I will sell who offer best. Autowin:40m Stats: Uploaded with Bank: (worth like 500k) Uploaded with Login: Uploaded with email is registred, recoveries never was set, we ill change email to yours. BlackMarks: Uploaded with[RSGP]Selling lvl 71 pure[RSGP]Hello im selling my account. Some pics: upload.vahvel/pildid/krisquest.jpg upload.vahvel/pildid/stats92.jpg The account is member til 25th april. Im selling this account for Runescape gold. I am willing to give details forward if you are trustworthy in my eyes or we can just use OMM. If you have questions please post here or send me a PMGreat level 63 77str 70str 60attk (steel gloves) accounttalk to me on if you want to swap or buy for rsgp ryan.preston61 or ([email protected]) Start bidding at 7mLeebums Account Shop Maxed Rune Pure/ Near Maxed 1 Def. Pure (CHEAP)(TRUSTED)Hey guys Leebums here, I am selling my two amazing accounts they are really good and i mean really good. You are sure yo never die if you know how to pk well. I will be looking for rsgp for these accounts. If interested add my : [email protected] ToS 1. You go first or you get OMM you pay fees 2. I am trusted so for sure won't scam 3. Post your and your offer please then add me. 4. We can also do 50/50 if you like Account One: Maxed Rune Pure (sold to eastern) A/W: 90m L/W: 50m Account Two: Near Maxed 2 Defence Pure A/W:70m L/W:40m Post your offers and add my [email protected] main for sale (10m)(trusted) - [email protected] I will go first if your trusted. price - 10m ---ACCOUNT--- ---RECOVERY STATUS---9250+ Traded][140+ Vouches] Cmb 65 Beast Pker | 85 Range, 82 Str, 44 PrayCheck for more amazing accounts found in my account store. Thank you.Good 60attack PURE swap/rsgp (steel gloves)talk to me on if you want to swap or buy for rsgp ryan.preston61 Start bidding at 7m{CHEAP}CoolKidSon Account Shop. Maxed Mains.Maxed Pures.{CHEAP}Hi Sythe CoolKidSon here. I have a couple of my accounts for sell that i rarely play anymore due to now playing my maxed AGS pure that i am now in love with. I will be selling these accounts nice and cheap. I know i am not trusted but I'm trying to work my way up there so come and take a look. ToS 1. You go first or use an OMM you pay fees. 2. We can do 50/50 if you like you start. 3. If you try and scam you are dumb. 4. I am open to all offers but want RSGP to put on my AGS pure. If you are interested add my : [email protected] Account One: Level 137 Main A/W- 140m L/W- 100m Account 2: Level 124 Main A/W- 80m L/W- 50m Account 3: Near Maxed Rune Pure A/W- 90m L/W- 60m Account 4: Near Maxed 2 Defence Pure A/W- 70m L/W- 40m Post your offers and ADD my if you are interested: [email protected]
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