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    [paypal] CMB 99 STAKER 87 DUNG 99 STRE BEAST [PAYPAL] ( 1 2)So, im finally selling my gp farmer, my favorite staker as i stopped playing a while ago as I cant get online as much as i would like and have out grown the game. This account is an absolute animal, buy it, get some corrupt statius and you can trick people with the name into staking you. Have won over 2b on this account in just under a month in both arm stakes and no arms. Has rapier and cls the two best staking weapons. The name confuses people to look up somone completely different so if you buy i would suggest leaving the name. The account is now 99 stre, with massive hitpoints (94) for its combat level and 67 def, meaning those idiots with 78+def will always think they can beat you as they have statius, however with corrupt this account easily beats 90 def, i know as i have done it numerous times. Just two out of the hundreds of screenies I have of wins I am only accepting paypal, take a look at my vouches if needs be, and hit me with some offers. ThanksDeath or Blood CrafterHey, Sythe. I'm looking for someone who is willing to lend me a Death/Blood Runecrafter. I will give you 30% of whatever proffit I make each day crafting. and I will be botting. Requirements: Deaths- 65+ Runecrafting. Mourning's End Part II Completed. Bloods- 77+ Runecrafting. Legacy of Seergaze Completed. If you're interested, either leave a reply here, pm me, or add me on . My only is : [email protected] I look forward to speaking with you.[buying] 1 def pure quested high str range mage no more then 70 atkas my titles explains i want no more then 75atk 80+str 80+mage 80+ranged 1DEFENCE! addy gloves dt mm all that junk doesnt have to have wealth as i just want the account inbumed rings would be hectic. leave your posts. pictures please as ide rather not have threads and also prices of the account. if im interested ill pm youTank for sale!!! High Mage/range/atk/defI have this very old account. Stats are 81 atk 60 str 85 def 93mage 80 range 52 pray 1 summ 85 const. This account also has 75 construction. And a Easter ring. Looking for RSgp only. PM me offers thanks.[RSGp]~Selling~1 Defence Pure Combat 69~/Addy gloves/94 Magic/Main pure Quests ( 1 2)Leadin Offer->35M Bid Placed By Monstaaar. As seeing the low bids, i decided to keep it for myself.Level 72 Pure | Fire Cape | 99 Magic - Cheap!Hi everyone, I'm selling this pure, as I've been Pk'ing on it, but I realized I prefer my main much more. I don't really see a purpose in playing on multiple accounts. I'm not really sure how much it's worth, so just bid for it. You have several options for the trade. You go first I go first (Only if you are trusted) OMM Upon purchasing this account (or prior), you will receive the following. Email set to yours All recovery answers All creation information Below are some my current vouches (Link is also in my signature). They are all from reputable members. Also, I have traded over 1.3B on this site. Current Vouches: 5 Quote: Originally Posted by Stacy444 Vouch for Get Owned, bought 35M from me in PP Quote: Originally Posted by Snow Patrol Huge Vouch for Get Owned Bought 1000M (1 Billion) RSGP from him in a smooth and hassle-free transaction, thanks! Quote: Originally Posted by Snow Patrol Vouch for Get Owned Sold him 150m RSGP and it was quick and painless. Very quick learner and a great buyer, thanks! Quote: Originally Posted by lime soda Vouch for Get Owned, sold me a cheap pin and some gold Quote: Originally Posted by Stacy444 Vouch for Get Owned again, sold him 60M! Now that we've gone over all that, let's see some pictures As you can see, with a bit of dungeoneering you could get a Chaotic weapon! Already has arcane stream necklace + fire cape, which makes the account much better A recover test will be available upon your request. If you're interested, please leave your / below, or simply post an offer Please note: I will only be accepting PayPal and RSGPlvl 71 black pure! {pp}{rsgp}Selling level 71 black pure, 60 attack 79 str 10 defence, 31 prayer, 79 hitpoints, 87 ranged, 58 magic. Recipe disaster to black gloves, Monkey madness ect. Will post pictures when get offers.}{} Buying Range Staker {}{Basically I'm buying a 78 range+ 1 def (0 exp) 1 summ (0 exp) 1 prayer (0 exp) with at least 68+ hp. MUST BE TRUSTED.. IF YOU ARE NOT TRUSTED OR A LONG TIME MEMBER PLEASE DON'T POST ANY OFFERS.. Please post pictures with your so I can contact you if interested.. I will be paying in RSGP and can offer up to 75M for a beautiful account.. Ideal stats: 1 Atk 1 Str 1 Def 78+ RNG 1prayer 85+ HP
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