Broan Level 80 Naked Ranger for FlyFF Aibatt Penya/Items

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    ~10M mesos for ~50M penya

    Chat Log:

    "me: yoyo


    hey dude o.o














    Sent at 7:45 PM on Sunday

    me: helllo

    Sent at 7:47 PM on Sunday

    me: hi

    Sent at 7:48 PM on Sunday

    Ini: yo

    yo yo


    you there?

    me: hello

    Ini: hey

    I'm new to this game

    Its my friends account and he gave it to me but I'm trading stuff away for a Maplestory account

    me: hi


    i added ****

    get on flyff


    oh boy


    Ini: kk

    im on



    ima add you

    Ini: kk

    me: accept invite

    k, now you know where you are?

    Sent at 7:55 PM on Sunday Ini: hold up

    computer forze

    had to end the FLYff process

    me: ok

    Ini: that stuff is shitty right?

    me: it's worth about 55m total

    not enough

    Ini: oh

    me: if you have more bring it on

    Ini: kk

    how much do you want?

    worth in items?

    me: well first i wanna see what you have

    then ima decide to trade or not

    Sent at 8:07 PM on Sunday

    me: same place

    Ini: kk


    this account is stripped:(

    me: check the bank?

    Ini: kk

    Sent at 8:10 PM on Sunday

    Ini: nope

    thats all:(


    me: i will trade the mesos on the account for some specific stuff on flyff then

    you cool with that?

    Ini: like on the maplestory account?

    me: not trading the accounts, just items

    Ini: oh

    what items on the maplestory account?

    me: mesos

    ok get back on ****

    i will give 10,000,000 mesos for some things

    Ini: kk

    Sent at 8:15 PM on Sunday

    Ini: How will we do this?

    me: you go first; i have better feedback


    Sent at 8:18 PM on Sunday

    Ini: ok

    me: ok

    i gotta close flyff to play maple

    close yours too

    Ini: okwhat world are you on?

    me: broa

    Ini: love you

    im on scania

    me: .......


    Ini: wait

    me: ................





    Ini: imma make a account on broa

    me: .................




    Ini: quickly

    me: yea...

    Ini: and then go to the fm

    me: but you need to get to lvl 7 right?

    Ini: i think I might have one in broa

    lemme check

    me: k

    you could buy NX with the mesos

    Ini: yeah

    me: make your account on scania

    sell something like a snail shell for 5k NX

    and buy it with your account on broa

    Ini: yeahh

    me: and the plus side get a SNAIL SHELL!

    wow haven't patched in awhile lol

    Ini: lmaoo

    did you quit maple?

    me: yea

    Ini: for FlyFF?

    me: yea

    Ini: oh

    I can give you a lvl 78 hermit for your ranger if you want?


    me: nah

    Ini: kk

    I dont have a broan account


    lemme check all of mine

    Sent at 8:26 PM on Sunday

    me: if you don't

    make an account quick

    and i will package you the mesos

    and then it's up to you to get to lvl 7 in 30 days

    Ini: kk

    here i got it

    i got a account

    me: k well wait

    Ini: meet in FM?

    i had a really old account

    like 5 years ago

    messing around on it

    me: umm fm ch 4, used to be my favorite channel

    still patching

    Ini: lol kk

    me: we'll give each other positive feedback?

    Ini: ok


    you were patient with me

    Thank you for that

    me: eh np for me

    now you have to do the same thing

    Ini: lol

    i guess

    is flyff a better game tho?

    me: well i got sick of maple and needed something

    Ini: oh

    me: ppl get sick of flyff and then go to maple

    Ini: yeah

    me: i like this because it's 3D, yet the graphics aren't soooo good that they make your head spin

    Ini: yeahh lmao

    me: ok patch successful

    Ini: ok

    im in the chn 4 fm entrance

    lol this account is so wierd

    i made him black


    Ini: like

    really really really black

    im only half black

    if I was to buy your ranger?

    for gpotato points or whatever

    me: yea

    i would accept that

    you can buy $30 gpotato game cards

    i would accept that

    what's your maple name

    Ini: **********

    i think



    whats urs?

    me: add you

    Sent at 8:36 PM on Sunday

    me: thanks dude

    you hear that , successful trade

    Ini: np man

    me: you're the

    guy who posted in my thread right?

    what's your gzp name

    Ini: nah

    its ini

    i mad
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