Sold Boss killer a/c in $250

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    3702 PRESTIGE account for sale!!!

    I'm selling my account that will allow you to complete any arena/ act in the game. The highlights of this account include:

    5 5*s - winter soldier, Rhino, Loki, Iron Patriot& Colossus and 15k 5* shards
    Other 4 stars include: Storm, Black Panther, Rhino and Colossus (all 2/5)

    45 4-stars with 3 of them maxed out , including: Guillotine(duped at lvl 40), X-23(duped at lvl33) & ultron(undupe)

    The remaining duped 4-stars include: thor, elektra, cap America(wwii), Electro, quake, yellow jacket, spider man(classic), moon knight, hawkeye, Civil Warrior, Agent Venom, Thor(female), Iron Patriot, War Machine, BLack Bolt, cap America,

    The remaining UNDUPED 4-stars include: Mordo, Rogue, Crossbones, Hulk, Falcon, Hulkbuster, Magneto, Kamala khan, Iron fist, venompool, Storm, Beast, Joe fixit, Groot, Spider Gwen, Magik, Drax, dr. Strange, Ms Marvel, Winter Soldier, Captain Marvel, Venom, UC, Black panther(classic), Ant man, Dare devil(classic), karnak, black panther(wwii), cyclops, luke cage, rhino, Ronan

    That's quite the list! Additionally, you'll want to know about Catalysts, Awakening gems, and Crystals, right? Of course, you do! Here's my list:

    7 Tier 4 basic catalysts
    9 T4CC: 3 Cosmic, 0 Mutant, 1 Science, 0 Mystic, 4 Skill, 1 Tech
    17 Tier 1 Alphas, 3 T2 alpha

    Awakening gems:
    1 Generic 4* Awakening gem
    and lots of 2 &3* class Awakening Gem(7 total)!

    Additionally, there are plenty of Signature stones of all varieties, including 5*

    Finally, crystals:
    14502 5-star hero shards

    OK...if you've made it this far with me, then let me close with saying that there is still much more on this account in terms of pots, iso, etc. But the two remaining pieces of information I'll share:

    1. Act 5.1.3 completed and scope for you to clear and get Uncollected,
    2. ROL 100% completed.
    3. Never used any external service to complete acts.
    4. I am level 58; 187 heroes; Hero rating of 210558(as I sold some 2 & 3* champs initially);and YES, I'm willing to give up the email account this game account is tied to.

    Ping me on line, my id is Kush4ever1. Only serious buyers please.

    Buy Now - PlayerUp Middleman Service
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