Sold Boosting giveaway!! :)

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    As promised :D


    With reaching couple milestones:

    - 1 year of being member of this community
    - over 50 positive feedbacks!
    - over 330 boosting sessions done!
    - over 470 accounts sold!


    I and my TEAM, would like to thank you for all the trust that YOU, as our customers gave us! I hope we will continue to strive together on reaching MORE goals we set up on our path!

    Greetings, Nikolaj (TEAM OF professional boosting services and professional account sellers)

    p.s. as a part of reaching this milestones, every Extreme COOP week, and every Inheritance week, we will be giving 3 hours of boosting for free. 1x2 hours, and 1x1 hour. More details coming soon.
    __________________________________________________ _____________________

    Every month there will be different task to do, and whole team will decide 1st and 2nd place.

    This month task will be **drumrolls** badumtsk :p

    Drawing Christmas theme Bleach Brave souls picture.


    Only sky is the limit, draw in whatever style you want etc. Please no copying from other, picture has to be unique. (you can use whatever tools, computer, hand :p)

    Post pictures under this thread. (can also add links only)

    Happy Christmas holidays!

    Greetings, Nikolaj

    (Limit is 5 days from now, so we have time to check all pictures and get in touch with winners!
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