Sold Boosting Accounts (130 Fire Max Critical with Best Stats + 124 Fire 90% Critical) (Two Accounts)

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    Hi, my name is Zen. I am currently jobless, so I guess this can be my new job.

    I have two accounts: This can make questing much more quicker
    1. A Level 130 Fire with Max Critical, 153 Damage, and Max Power Pip Chance
    2. A Level 134 Fire with 90% Critical , 125% Damage, and 80% Power Pip Chance
    3. I do have a Level 130 Ice, but it isn't very reliable.
    4. I actually have a third account: Level 130 Storm, Max Critical, but I don't have membership on it yet.

    How Can I Boost Your Account?:
    1. If you give me your account Username and Password, I will be able to log on and quest for you.
    -This process is the quickest way and will be much more easier for me and you.
    2. Option two is going to cost an extra $10 Fee. This is because having two people run around at the same time is very time consuming. I don't plan to wait for you while you take your time. Sorry, I am still a student and I have stuff to do.

    What are the Conditions?
    1. Though it is an unreliable foundation, I need your trust. This can help us reach our goals much quicker. I get paid, and you get the Wizard you desire. Master password will protect you from having your account taken. I can assure you that I won't do anything that would hurt you and your account.

    I Expect to be Paid After a World has been Completed:
    Wizard City: $5
    Krokotopia: $8
    Marleybone: $10
    Mooshu: $12
    Dragonspyre: $17
    Grizzleheim: $15
    Celestia: $19
    Wysteria: $5
    Zafaria: $24
    Avalon: $28
    Azteca: $31
    Khrysalis Part 1 and 2: $38
    Polaris: $33
    Mirage: $37
    Empyrea Part 1 and 2: $44

    I accept Paypal!

    Ways to contact me:
    1. Discord: Zenlyx#0418
    2. Steam: Steam Community :: Zenlyxº

    Thank You and I hope I can be of use!
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