Selling Boom Beach Max Lvl 65 for grab.... PM me~

Discussion in 'Boom Beach Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by Crystal_, 3/2/17.

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    I'm selling this account as I have gotten hectic recently..... PM me for more details and so on.....

    Name change : Unavailable
    Price: $300

    Contact me through PM.

    LVL 65
    Victory point 565
    Diamonds 4,694
    Power powders 279 as seen (equivalent to 1,107pp when you convert everything)

    1.HQ 22
    2.Armory 22 (everything max here)
    (Riff max, Heavy max, Zooka max, Warrior max, Tank max, Medic max, Grenadier max, Scorcher Max, Cryoneer Max, Artillery max, Flare max, Medkit max, Shock Max, Barrage max, Smoke max, Critter max, Mine max, Boom mine max, Shock Mine max)

    3.Gunboat 22
    4.Radar MAX
    5.Sculptor MAX
    6.Landing craft 8x ( 22 22 22 22 22 22 22 22)
    7.Submarine MAX

    Statues (10=MAX):
    Gunboat energy 40 17 16 16 15
    Troop damage 27
    Troop health 23

    Resource reward 42

    Building damage 35
    PSC 74

    Critical Fuse 68
    Complex Gear 84
    Power Rod 140
    Field Capacitor 271

    IMG_1266.JPG IMG_1267.JPG IMG_1268.JPG IMG_1269.JPG IMG_1270.JPG IMG_1271.JPG IMG_1272.JPG
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.