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    Blizzard Entertainment posted on the World of Warcraft forums announcing a zero tolerance smack down on real-world trading in the Warcraft game, a move that has left almost 1000 gamers banned from the MMORPG. The practice includes the selling of in-game items for real-world cash via sites including sites like, and while this has been going on in other MMORPG titles such as Ultima and Everquest, the practice has been shut down heavily by the WoW organizers. The statement suggests that Blizzard Entertainment necessary actions to stop this behavior. Blizzard Entertainment has all the right to pursue legal action against anyone who violates their guideline or copyrights. Not only sellers are being punished but buyers have also been warned in the document. It is imperative that customers know that if a person or persons do purchase in-game property from sellers on and personal sites, we may temporarily suspend or cancel the account, and at the very least, delete the offensive or derogatory items. Some research suggest that as many as 1000 accounts have so far been restricted and/or closed over the practice, and these numbers are sure to increase as Blizzard continue what might be assumed by some as being a travesty.. We will report furthermore on WoW soon. - Buy, Trade, and Sell Accounts and Characters - spamsite: Buy/Sell WoW Accounts, FFXI Account, EVE Online Characters
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