Selling Bleach online VIP 9 Account | EU-Server | 7m bp | 1.4mil speed | 120 reiatsu

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    Since this Game doesn't really deliver any more Updates and good content. I decided to sell my Account, but the main reason remains that the top 2 CSB im in went for another 1-2k $ top ups and that's not worth to compete with.

    Won't go first, preferring Bank Transfer. PayPal only if method is "send money to family or friends" to prevent opening up a refund case.

    I have no interest in Scammers, Flamers or Trashtalkers. Account will be delivered with an alt. Email which you can change or keep after the Trade is done.

    Revealing Names will result in an report. If you know who i am, than please respect my privacy and not post anything regarding to me or my Account.

    $ or € only. Have no exact price in mind for now. Offer me something, ridiculous low offers will be ignored and username added to ignore-/blacklist (won't be able to contact me again).

    The account still get's played daily (not by me tho) and this thread updated when i got some spare time.

    Over 3k € invested, Vip 9. 49k off to VIP 10.

    Server : EU - exact Server won't be told.

    PvP BP : 8.4m+
    PvE BP : 7.0m+

    Plenty of coupons left (4-12k+)
    like 1-2k gold left

    Lv 159 on Main, Main partners are max level too, except for kukaku (157).

    Partners : 36/38 in Numbers/Slots

    Hikifune :
    Full Nether Set (130 advanced), max sockets in all 6 gear parts, 5/6 Lv 12 Agi Stones, 1x Lv 12, 1x Lv 11 & 4x Lv 10 Wis Stones / Lv 3 Reinc (soon 4). About 1.388m speed, in fight like 1.525m speed due to Oetsu's passive,
    130 ultimate speed accesories & lv 140 forged accesories ( both lvl 100 maxed)
    Evolution Lv 11 - fully maxed
    Replaced her last mod with +10% Damage Rate.
    She still got some more potential to reach more Speed (agi stones), Damage (wis stones)/Damage Rate (replace another modify) & Hit Rate (hit stones).
    Bond with Bankai Rukia is Lv 25/30.
    Other 3 Bonds are Lv 1-5

    Senjumaru -

    only for PvE atm
    Full Firelord Set
    Evolution Lv 11 5 more items to maximize fully.
    Lv 3 Reinc.
    Currently wears oetsu's gear since i only attend pve.
    Replaced her 2nd Mod with +10% Damage Rate.
    Speed Bond 25/30
    Damage Bond 21/30
    other Damage Bond 1/30
    Hit bond 1/30
    close to 900k speed. In fights like 1m+ speed.

    Oetsu -

    Full Firelord Set - Agis lv 10/9 mixed, 6/6 Lv 10 wisdom <- This set is on Senjumaru.
    Lv 2 Reinc.
    120 speed accessories.
    Evolution Lv 10

    Berserker Renji :

    Full Firelord Set, 6/6 STR Lv 11
    Evo Lv 11 maxed !
    Lv 4 Reinc.
    Replaced his Immune Silence with +10% Damage Rate.
    Damage Bond 30/30 maxed !
    Crit bond 5/30

    Sexy Kukaku -

    Full Aquaria Set <- This set is on Oetsu.
    Lv 2 Reinc
    Evolution Lv 10

    Main :

    Full Aquaria Set
    Lv 3 Reinc.

    All partners except Tank got "T1" so 100 fury at fight start - 4x T1
    All Partner got Break Defence, Crit, Counter maxed (90%+ evo effects, so between 90-110%)
    Hit Rate on all atleast 268+, Renji and Senju close to 300, Hiki above 307%
    Tank's and Brenji's set got Block maxed as well 90%+

    currently collecting Inferno stones for muken aizen, same goes for exp books and reinc stones to instantly use after redeeming him.
    1.5k / 10k Inferno Stones

    other Partners :
    Shinso Gin
    Cute Orihime
    Sophisticated Rangiku
    Sexy Yoru
    Dark Rukia
    CSB Aizen
    CSB Kenpachi
    Shinigami Kensei
    Zabimaru Renji
    Bankai Rukia (rented for bonds)
    - All Tavern partners useful for Bonds -
    - All SWP Partners -
    enough tavern/old event partners stacked with mod fragments to assure the next 2 partners should be able to get mods maxed instant

    Zanpaktous :

    Katen Kyokotsu (90 on all 3 Fortifies)
    Zangetsu (40+ on all 3 Fortifies)
    Kotowari (40+ on all 3 Fortifies)
    - all Free Zanps -

    Void Region : (some of them got RJ as Zanp so it's pointless to compete there anyways, so i'll stick to top 5 ranking)

    atleast Rank 3-5, sometimes Rank 1-3

    CSB Ranking :

    atleast Rank 3, #1 if the other one doesn't tryhard and buys chances for exta points -> the former "competition" is gone since the top 1 and 3 topped like crazy and got ridiculous stuff.

    10-11k Vita stacked for Seireitei Attack , next UBP or Max Evo on main partners.

    Reiatsu : Lv 120, will stay for now.

    Home : Gose
    Girlfriend : Anstuki
    Flirt Points : ~10k

    Shinigami Agent will run for like another 60days (days left @ 10th of jan 2017).

    Contact method : PM, maybe i'll give you my Skype or Discord link to private server.

    Brenji.jpg Hiki.jpg Main.jpg Oetsu.jpg Senju.jpg
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    Would actually update the thread but im unable to....
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