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    I know not everyone looks at the scammer page, so I am posting this here. MylevelerBuyer (3:20:31 PM): Hello i am from [censored] i was just wondering if you have a moment too discuss the sale of you're aoc account plokoonjedi (3:22:19 PM): yes MylevelerBuyer (3:22:55 PM): basically we here at [censored] grew selling buying and trading wow accounts, we are now starting to branch out into aoc accounts, would you be interested in seeing how much we can offer for you're account plokoonjedi (3:23:11 PM): yes MylevelerBuyer (3:23:51 PM): Ok one moment while i look over the specifics of you're account, could you please allow me such information as character(s) level, classes, gold and mount status. plokoonjedi (3:24:18 PM): spamsite/forums/u...68#Post1583268 MylevelerBuyer (3:24:40 PM): thank you very much please allow me one moment plokoonjedi (3:25:57 PM): I just got this account from a friend and can forward all of his e-mails with reg cides and cape code. It is active until the 16th I think plokoonjedi (3:26:04 PM): codes* plokoonjedi (3:26:31 PM): I have zero interest in AoC and just need cash to xfer a FFXI toon MylevelerBuyer (3:27:16 PM): thank you very much for being patient, it seems we are able to offer you $55.00us for this account, are you interested in continuing with the sale with us here at [censored]. plokoonjedi (3:27:25 PM): yes MylevelerBuyer (3:27:53 PM): Ok allow me one moment and i will run you through the verification process which takes around 5 minutes on a whole, then we proceed onto lodging the payment plokoonjedi (3:28:09 PM): how can I be sure that you are from ylever? why would you solicit me? MylevelerBuyer (3:29:03 PM): Basically our job is simply tasked to browse forums such as spamsite and realpoor and give people selling aoc accounts our quotes, due too the game being new the interest in accounts is very high but our account stocks are low so we much find our customers instead of waiting for them. plokoonjedi (3:30:25 PM): ok...I am talking to someone in mylever live chat to verify you MylevelerBuyer (3:30:31 PM): When / if you are ready basically as do all online sites i must firstly verify you indeed own a valid account and it contains the character(s) we agreed to pay money for via logging into the account management page, after this process is complete we will lodge payment please confirm with me when/if you are ready to proceed i will be back with you shortly after dealing with a current customer MylevelerBuyer (3:30:37 PM): no worries please come back too me after plokoonjedi (3:30:42 PM): k plokoonjedi (3:32:28 PM): you are not listed in their AIM list on their site MylevelerBuyer (3:33:01 PM): Yes they have emplyed a vast number of people like me for the aoc team as mentioned, please continue to wait too talk to a representitive via live chat too confirmed then come back too me when ready to proceed MylevelerBuyer (3:34:04 PM): if at anytime you wish to cancel the sale just let me know thankyou plokoonjedi (3:36:20 PM): thanks but I do my research bud spamsite/forums/ubbth...mer_#Post984397 plokoonjedi (3:36:57 PM): spamsite/forums/ubbth...e_Sc#Post961941 plokoonjedi (3:37:03 PM): need more? plokoonjedi (3:37:33 PM): spamsite/forums/ubbth...e_Sc#Post961941 plokoonjedi (3:37:39 PM): PUNK!!!
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