Selling  North America   BDO-NA Maehwa 287/310 3 x PEN, VELL HEART, PEGASUS

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    Hi there!
    I would like to offer an endgame account for sale.
    I got so burned out with BDO that I don’t think I will ever come back so I decided to sell.
    The account is really endgame
    3 x PEN BOSS WEAPONS with TET ogre,
    vell heart stocked with p2w items.

    Price : $400

    Do not Hesitate to Add me in discord to discuss.

    My Discord : BelindaV#9250


    Gear :

    3x PEN boss weapons and whole set of TET Accesories!!

    Main class for now is Maehwa
    which is one of the most fun to play classes for pvp and pve.
    With this ap you can literally oneshot anyone
    Become a real beast and dominate everyone
    this auction is truly P2W.
    But if you prefere Witch or Berserker,
    you can just buy yourself Weapon change coupons from pearl shop.
    There are also 62 lvl Witch/Berserker with all skillpoints/weight limit required to play.
    If you are new in BDO, after buying my account I also offer free lessons on any class you chose to play (Witch/Berserker or Maehwa).
    Maehwa has already 61 lvl and 50%.
    It will not take long to get it to 62, becouse i still have 200% exp bonus scrolls and Combat books.

    And here are screenshots and more specific informations what is on this account:
    T9 DREAM HORSE – PEGASUS – With all best skills possible!

    PETS :

    T4 FAIRY with best skill for fairy you can get (automatically drinks potions every 2 sec) :

    Ton of p2w items:

    Costumes, 3x ghile suit, TENT!!, Maids, Weight, maxed out slots on Witch (192)
    Imgur: The magic of the Internet

    Storage with basic enchanting materials + others:
    Imgur: The magic of the Internet

    Ready to play character list screenshot (Good SP's maxed weight, lvl ) :
    Imgur: The magic of the Internet

    Miscellaneous INFO:
    All possible alt character slots bought
    2000+ Valks cry in storage
    1x 115 FS
    1x 100+ Failstacks
    6x 50 Failstacks
    3x 48 Failstacks
    1x 40 Failstacks
    4x 30 Failstacks
    10x 20 Failstacks

    Account has Epheria Sailboat, Trade master 10+ , so everything you need to start margoria trading and/or sea monster hunting.
    300+ CP 300+ Energy
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    Is this still available? If so, I can pay $300 right now. I cannot spend over $300 sadly. My wife would kill me. Is there a way to work out a deal please?