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    - Basics of everquest account? -Why would someone sell it? - Where would someone sell it? Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing games are immensely popular among the gaming crowd. Everquest is one such MMORPG. Players of this game spend a lot of time online in their quest to build an invincible empire. They want to make this virtual world invincible by using the best possible combination of resources available to them. When one of the players’ resources goes down he looks for alternative. Players who already have hours and hours put as effort into their account try to convert this into cash. But why would someone want to sell their hard earned credits and accounts? Because that is what they play for – to convert their hard playing hours into cash .To do this they sell everquest account to the people who are looking for an already established account to utilize and build their virtual world on. A lot of experienced players sell everquest account from time to time. A number of venues such as real life swap meets, communities and forums help in the sale of these accounts and are the best places to convert hours of gaming into cash. On the top of the list are the gaming sites. These sites have sprung up all of a sudden since the advent of these games. They make a lot of cash through commission from people who want to sell everquest account. There are two methods adopted by these sites. A) The seller puts up a profile of his account stating his credits - The buyer then makes a bid on it and the transaction is completed. Both the buyer and the seller give a percentage of the transaction to the site. B) The seller again puts up a profile of his account stating his credits- The site then buys it for a particular amount. The site eventually sells it to a buyer for a higher amount. Usually direct selling to the buyer brings in more profit but takes a lot of time, so players usually sell it to the websites which offer them quick cash. Forums are places where people can discuss about the ins and outs of the game and also trade their accounts. Although some forums prohibit users from trading most of them allow it and a lot of people sell everquest account through these forums. This cycle of buying and selling is repeated on and on with an addition in cash every time a transaction is made. Suppose distance is not a constraint swap meetings are the most effective trading points. Usually these meeting happen at a regional level. Here a group of Everquest gamers meet and discuss various intricacies of the game. This also offers a chance for the newbies to get accounts with better profiles and for the experienced gamers to unload the unwanted accounts. Such meetings occur from time to time and the chances of a trade occurring in the meeting are very high. So a lot of gamers attend such meetings. - Buy, Trade, and Sell Accounts and Characters -

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