Sold BASE Layout Tutorial - Never get 3★★★ again! Updated JAN 2017

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    Hey guys. I am dedicated VEGA player and I love FvB combat, especially beign attacked as that gives me the most joy and most shame to them pro players and coiners when a $400 dollar fleet makes 10% dmg to my base and die, everybody in chat just laughing all time at my replays :D
    I found ideal and balanced layout for both rush and sniper fleets! I got attacked hundreds of times as I love provoking to get my base tested and have lot of medals to steal, also as top alliance member, usualy only top players attack me so be sure I know what I am talking about.

    As we can't control our base while being attacked, a simple layout design with all info about modules will allow you to exactly reproduce my base which was NOT 3★★★ STARRED YET!

    • Usually non or half marked rush fleets (Manifold, etc.) do around 10% dmg to it with lvl 50-55 fleets. :D In exchange my manifold rush fleet 2★★ star almost every base.
    • Fully marked rush fleets of lvl 55-60 have hard time 1★ starring it. I think they might 2★★ star it but it did not happen for a long time now as I did some revisions. Being attacked by top 10 clans all time.
    • Only fully marked sniper fleets of lvl 55+ have a chance to 2★★ star it but I was not 2★★ starred for a long time now, but they usually 1★ star me. (Mk5 Damocles with Blister Rounds Arc Misilles etc.)
    • Event Siege Fleets doing most of the time only 1% dmg to it :D so you can keep farming much faster and longer without any coining or waiting for base repair!

    While in public opinion basing is sh*t as any good sniper fleet can kill your base, but that is not true anymore, not my base, it is a real monster!
    I am in range of 300-400 medals. And base LVL 48! YES, just 48! I am not coining that much so equipping my base is not completed yet, I have Combat Modules LVL X still, just imagine what this layout can do with everything upgraded to LVL XII. You will be GOD of VEGA, no joke. I've seen bases LVL 52 already but my base at LVL 48 is stronger than their at 52.
    If you are high-end player but your base is still at LVL 43-45 or around that, you probably just do not have Miners built and equipped so actually you are on my LVL and you can proceed with the guide easily.
    To be honest I think even lvl 20 player can start building his base like this and he will have success over his whole VEGA career. So if you are new to game, you have just found a golden ticket for joy in this game.

    There are 2 options for sale:

    1. $29 - Silver Pack - Actual Version of complete guide how to build your base design with pictures, working as JAN 2017
    2. $45 - Gold Pack - Forever Updated Version, you will receive JAN 2017 version plus every time I update my base (new ship or base weapons released, etc.) I will send you updated tutorial to your email!

    It is that easy, CONTACT ME, pay, receive guide, start VEGA on PC or iPhone, rearrange your modules in few minutes to given layout and start re-equipping them with the right stuff. It can be easily done on your phone.

    I spent countless amount of time with my base designs and I tried dozens of layouts. The curret one is just EPIC masterpiece which will bring you joy and fun from gaming while pissing off enemies plus you will be able to keep much more medals for your alliance and gain reputation! Also you spend less coins and your upgrades and research will be faster because your base modules will not be destroyed that often.
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