Selling   Base L25 T9 3M Tech Power Selling

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    I am selling my base L25 with 2 migration tickets (at the current level enough to move anywhere) together with 12 farms -> Target Price Eur/USD 1,200.

    It is possible to sell only the main base but not preferred - 12 farms already with 1 migration ticket each.

    I am the original owner, I will also share the email behind Last Shelter account for the main base and for 6 of the farms.


    3M Tech
    0.9M Building
    550M Food
    400M Oil
    210M Lumber
    175M Iron
    800k Diamonds
    120 Super recruitment tickets, 2 Elite recruitment ticket III , 1 warrior Recruitment ticket III
    5,400 HeroTokens
    225M Hero Experience Stored
    12k hours of mixed Speedup
    4 Heroes Maxed

    Main Building details:

    Garrison Hall L25, Vehicle war room l25, Fighter war room l24, Shooter Was room l19, 1 barracks l25, 1 barrack l24, 2 barracks l23, Blast Missile Factory L19, Silo L21, Radar L24, Institute L25

    Main Tech Details:

    First 3 rows maxed, Vehicle T9 unlocked, Fighter and Shooter Training 67%, Parts Production 83% (Easy to unlock the Green Material Craft with 40k Energy Cores stored), Elite Military 15% (easy to double with 53k Courage Medals stored)

    With the diamonds stored you can easily get parts for your troops.

    Paypal transaction to protect seller and buyer, preference for European and US Citizen (for safer transaction).

    More details available via LINE app, ID: gabriele_1975
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.