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    Base 25 / 1042 State / we are in the 3th Week of DD Season3.

    Base is in a good Shape and has a lot of Work done.
    1042 State / Our Alliance is 3th in DD Season 3 and it will stay there.
    A lot of German and American People are mixed in the team if someone is intrested and its a good thing because its a Spender Alliance

    Im now in the Phase to complete all Parts so All APC-s can have full Gear very soon.

    - Class has Maxed Heroes + Full Golden Phantom Set

    - APC1 has maxed Heroes + 60% Golden Ranger (it will be finished in few days to 100%

    - APC2 has Maxed Fighter Combination Heroes / Parts here will be upgraded soon as i finish with Ranger parts

    - APC3 i use mixed Seasonal Heroes APC and evolve them

    Base has a lot of Ress and Stuff in Boxes so you dont need to worry about your Evolving.

    Prize is 400€ (if someone is realy intrested we can negotiate - but the prize will not sink much because the Base is strong and good)

    For more information contact me on Line: loonatic91