Selling  Android and iOS  Base Level 25  Average B25 1BB/5V/1S/1F Gold 260M troop State 90 s Group 1001 10mig tix 550 or best offer

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    $800USD **BUY BEFORE DD Starts for $700**

    Base 4 Sale – Above average low spender

    Key Points:
    - 340M Kills (lower than should be just don’t play KE beyond 9 boxes and never been a farm killer)
    - 29M Hero Power (details below)
    - Maxed Buildings
    - Standard Tech complete, CE 35%
    - Power: >260M

    State: 90’s
    Group: 1001
    Migration tix: 10

    Bane - 1 gold
    Phantom – 5 gold
    Dreadnaught – 1 gold
    Ranger – 1 gold
    Trailblazer – 5 gold
    Red Cores: 81K

    Specialty Points: 133
    Tile Force Combo: Sven8/Panther 7/Ivan 7
    Gold Coins: 400k
    Silver Coins: 147k
    Resets: 6

    Ranked #1 losing side so get the below plus rss skins etc (still havent opened them yet but will before DD starts):
    X Recruit: 6
    S1-4: 3
    455k diamonds

    540 Gold
    33 S3
    70 S4
    79 S1-4
    2 designated

    DD Tile Force Combo: Sven 8, Panther 7, Ivan 7

    SX Maxed: Death, Lust, Canoness, Sven, Wrath, Prophet, Shadow, Betrayed, Patriot
    SX 7 Skills: Kami, Retro, Koschei, Predator, Scorpion, Glutton, Organic, Nomad, Crusher, Huntress
    SX 6 Skills: Lone Wolf, Hunk, Wanderer
    SX 5 Skills: Cyclone, Dawn, Scarlet Siren, Rose Noir, Iron Sentinel, Valkyrie

    s4 Maxed: Hummingbird, Venom, Caesar,
    S4 7 Skills: Dues Ex Machina, Juggernaut,

    S3 Maxed: Major Ana,
    S3 7 Skills: Tech Priestess
    S3 5 Skills: Farseer, Vanguard, Wings of Liberty

    S2 7 Skills: Panther, Captain Ivanov
    S2 6 Skills: Viscount,
    S2 5 Skills: Inquisitor,

    S1 6 Skills: Courageous,
    S1 5 Skills: Janissary

    All standard and Undertaker maxed

    Note: Cant supply the email address but can setup an auto forward for keywords to your mailbox. Will provide photo of me, including ID stating the sale to you, and require equivalent in return so there can be no disputes.