Sold Avakin life account with many items

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    Vip Gold
    Coins - 10k+
    Level - 50
    Profile likes - 12+
    Profile views - 21k+
    Account worth in coins - 11,846,645
    Crown items - 84k crowns
    Gems - 82k
    Wings - Golden Eagle wings, Aurelian Dragon Wings Male
    Eyes both male and female - Ice walker, Ghost, Zombie, Void, Beginning of the time
    Wardrobe - 8k+ Male - 6311 and Female - 1704
    Apartments - 170+
    Pets - 188 including undead dragon (blue) and Magnificent Chinese dragon , Enlightened Dragon (VIP)
    Jewellery- 2 Gold Chains , 4 Diamond Chains , gold and silver watch, Amethyst Pendant , Ruby Necklace , Predator Necklace and many more
    Badge - luck of irish, Fashion star etc
    Animation sets - 88 including Zeus, Rewind, Hero, Looking sharp, Strolling Around, Retro Glitch , Fashion Guru and many more
    Dances - 332 including coin pack dances too
    Paired Dances - 76 including our first dance
    Paired Poses - 317
    Actions - Will You?, exchanging rings and many more

    imgur link for more photos

    IMG_1176.png IMG_1175.png

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