Autopilot 0km patch - pxor128 [+Source]

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    Autopilot 0km patch - pxor128 [+Source] Someone asked for this so here it is. Works as of DEC 5, 2010. Quote: Originally Posted by pxor128 EVE Online autopilot patch -------------------------- This is a patch to make the autopilot always warp to 0km. Simply start EVE first, then run ap0.exe. It will patch every EVE process found, so it works also with multiple clients. If you find the program useful, ISK donations are always very welcome. I can be contacted at . Changelog --------- v1.16 -updated to work with Incursion 1.0 v1.15 -updated to work with Tyrannis 1.1 v1.14 -updated to work with Tyrannis 1.05 v1.13 -updated to work with Tyrannis 1.04 v1.12 -updated to work with Tyrannis v1.11 -updated to work with Dominion 1.1.1 v1.10 -Fixed a bug where the autopilot would still warp at 15km v1.09 -bugfix v1.07 -updated to work with Dominion 1.1 v1.06 -updated to work with Dominion 1.03 v1.05 -updated to work with Dominion 1.01 v1.04 -updated to work with Apocrypha 1.2 v1.03 -updated to work with Apocrypha 1.1 v1.02 -fixed some crashing issues Quote: Originally Posted by pxor128 Here's a simple utility I wrote that allows you to playerup and run a python file within EVE. As an example, I have included python code to implement a 0km autopilot. The program is a commandline utility, so for example to use the autopilot you need to extract the zip, open cmd.exe and go to the evepy directory, then run "evepy.exe". Note that EVE needs to be running and you need to be logged in and in-game before executing the autopilot script for it to work. Also, just to clarify... The autopilot code is not written by me, only the python injector (evepy.c). The autopilot is from an autopilot patch someone posted earlier which, while worked fine, also stole all the isk in your wallet after a certain date. I was only gone for a few days, yet already there are people trying to take advantage of the situation either by posting isk-stealing malware or trying to sell source code for several hundred dollars... It's quite sad to see, really. By making the code open source I'm hoping to prevent this from happening in the future. And hopefully we will also see some more python hacks in the future! Download links: or download below. Use at own risk, feel free to confirm MD5 from original source. o/ Fly safe pew pew pew Remember advertising for that forum is not allowed, don't mention the name
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