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    xx fear xx, it has come to my attention that you told someone that I am a scammer. I do not appreciate you telling such lies and also filling my favourite forum with crap. I am trading with someone currently who told me that you said that I am a scammer. Proof is as follows "[a=0][c=50]Ra!den[/c=11][/a=0] says: if a mm is ready..someone said that you are a scammer Jeremy says: who Jeremy says: i have only traded with vraptor on gzp and it went perfectly Jeremy says: who told you that Jeremy says: tell me [a=0][c=50]Ra!den[/c=11][/a=0] says: xx fear xx" How bout next time before accusing someone else you offer some proof, because then it wont make you look like such a f-wit when someone posts a topic like this one. I would appreciate you not lieing in these forums.
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