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    Hallo ^^ I have ben playing on Retail Aion but i didn't like it so i went on to private server recently i have ben playing on a a server called Crystal Aion Welcome to Crystal Aion - The Tower Of Eternity - Aion Private Server I have an Asmodian account with: Charaters: Sorcerer lv.55 "Asmoslayer" Spiritmaster lv.55 "Sexykiss" Assassin lv.43 "Hero" Templar lv.42 "Chick" Features: -Premium account (15$) -Sorcerer legging (5$) -Ex-legion leader of "Slayers" (rank 15) -Leagion leader of "Paladin" (rank 50) -Full Anuhart gear on Scorcerer -Anuhard gear on Spiritmaster (except pauldrons) -Sorcerer dose up to 14k damage -Sorcerer advanced stigma power: Flame spray II etc. - Black dye on Sorcerer Gear I want to sell this account for an account on the P sever called Infinit InfiniteAION :: The Most Advanced Aion Private Server Here dowload link of my character (gear) = RapidShare: 1-CLICK Web hosting - Easy Filehosting In return i want an Asmodian account with: -At least a level 50 Templar -level 50 Templar gear -at least +2 enchantment on every bit of the gear -a minumum of 20m Kinah -In a good legion at least rank 60 This account im offering is probably worth 50$ what i want in return in fair i think Premium membership features: The normal server rate is: But through the premium membership: x20 XP --> x40 XP x20 Drop --> x40 Drop x20 Kinah --> x40 Khina x20 Gathering --> x40 Gathering x20 Crafting --> x40 Crafting x5 Abyss points --> x10 Abyss points If you have any other offer post them or send me an email: E-mail: ***************************************************** Thanks (to open the attachment u need 7zip or WinRAR) Die aktuellste Version von WinRAR zum Download | winrar.de - offizieller WinRAR-Distributor
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.