Sold [Asia] (Rush Sale) Main Acc Lv 68 + S Crimson Alpha, S Luminance + 6s W, S Tenebrion

Discussion in 'Punishing Gray Raven Accounts for Sale - Buy & Sell' started by YoimiyaSimp, 9/10/21.

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    Welcome to the thread!

    Account Details:

    - Lv 68 very well maintained (First day)

    - Dummy fb linked ( can be unbind if you want me to contact cs of pgr kuro games)

    - Email unlinked

    - Standard pity (member recruit) 26/60

    - Weapon Standard Research 4/30

    - Target Weapon Research 27/30

    - Complete all Dorms (updated)

    - Golden vortex can still be explore for more black tickets

    - Stronghold not yet totally explored so many things to deal with and rewards to grind for

    Characters and Weapons:

    - Liv Luminance S lv 68 w/ recommended memory set and available resonance/ Guardian Mount max

    - Kamui Tenebrion S lv 68 w/ recommended memory set and available resonance/ Dyno Greatsword lv 30 oc 1

    - Lucia Crimson Alpha S lv 68 w/ recommended memory set max Kuji no Sada max resonance 3 max

    - Bianca A lv 60 w/ recommended memory set and can be resonated/ Falcon E-3320 lv 25 or Pulley bow lv 35 max

    - Liv Lux SS lv 50 w/ recommended memory set / Benediction lv 25

    - Lee Palefire S lv 50 w/ recommended memory set / Gloomlight lv 40 overclock 3

    - Watanabe Nightblade S lv 40 w/ Stone Heart lv 30 overclock 1

    - Nanami Storm A lv 30 w/ Lightning Spark lv 25 overclock 1

    - Lucia Dawn A lv 30 w/ recommended memory set / Unbranded blade lv 30 oc 2

    - Kamui Bastion S w/ Supressor max

    - Liv Eclipse A lv 11 w/ Unbranded blade

    - Lucia Lotus A lv 9 w/ Fish mount lv 30 oc 2

    - Magma Piller (cannon) weapon lv 25 no character to use

    Important Notes:

    - First time selling here in playerup, but I already sold a lot of account from different marketplace

    - Will give a free starter genshin account with 5 star character klee and some 4 stars after being sold, will be given away together with the pgr acc.

    - Will still be played until it is sold

    - Current Price: $10 still nego

    - Payment options: Paypal FnF, Paypal zoom *if the buyer is from the PH, (Gcash, Bank or Paymaya)

    - Issue: I just want to sell my account because I have no enough time to play for it anymore due to many games being played

    - You are free to ask me on my discord acc for any updates from my pgr account, I will be sending updated photos and I can do a live stream on discord if you want for Legitimate purposes.

    Discord: Alcatroz#7957 ( HypeSquad balance, with info about me in stocks and cryptocurrencies) *beware of potential poser accounts and scammers, * No discord nitro

    Other contacts: Yoimiyasimp (whatsapp qr code will be sent if you chat me here) or you can dm me here first for verification of my discord account or whastapp

    - I will be usually available from UTC +8 9:00 am - 12:00 am but it really depends on may sleeping schedule, you can just set your message and I'll read it when I'm active.

    - That's all thank you for reading [​IMG]

    If you can't see click the photo to go to the web directly.

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