Selling  PC Any PvE Recovery. Starting at 7$

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    My Location:
    7$ For each of Campaign.
    - The Red War
    - Curse of Osiris
    - Warmind
    - Forsaken
    - Shadowkeep

    10$ For each Completion + 5$ For each Triumph/Challenge
    30$ For each Flawless Completion

    - Leviathan
    - Eater of Worlds
    - Spire of Stars
    - Last Wish
    - Scourge of the Past
    - Crown of Sorrows
    - Garden of Salvation

    7$ For a normal Completion
    20$ For a Flawless Completion
    30$ For a Flawless Solo Completion

    - Shattered Throne
    - Pit of Heresy

    Pinnacle/Ritual Weapons

    15$ For each PvE Weapon
    - Breakneck
    - Buzzard
    - Edgewise
    - Exit Strategy
    - Hush
    - Oxygen SR3
    - Python
    - Wendigo GL3
    - 21% Delirium

    30$ For each PvP Weapon
    - Komodo-4FR
    - Luna's Howl
    - Mountain Top
    - Not Forgotten
    - Point of the Stag
    - Randy's Throwing Knife
    - Recluse
    - Revoker

    Exotic Quest Weapons
    Kinetic Slot
    - Sturm 10$
    - Ratking 10$
    - Wishender 15$
    - Malfeasance 15$
    - Ace of Spades 20$
    - Chaperone 20$
    - Izanagi's Burden 15$
    - The Last Word 20$
    - Thorn 20$
    - Outbreak Perfected[Including emty Catalyst] 10$
    Outbreak Perfected[Completed Catalyst and Ship] 20$
    - Lumina 15$
    - Bastion 10$

    Energy Slot
    - Riskrunner 10$
    - Polaris Lance 10$
    - Jötunn 15$
    - Le Monarque 15$
    - Divinity 20$
    - Devil's Ruin 10$
    - The Fourth Horseman 10$

    Power Slot
    - Legend of Acriusa 15$
    - Worldline Zero 10$
    - Sleeper Simulant 10$
    - Whisper of the Worm[Including emty Catalyst] 10$
    Whisper of the Worm[Completed Catalyst and Ship] 20$
    - Thunderlord 10$
    - Truth 15$
    - Deathbringer 10$
    - Xenophage 15$
    - Leviathan's Breath 10$

    - Lightbearer: All five Campaigns + 950 Lightlevel for 30$
    - Pinnacle of PvE: All PvE Pinnacle/Ritual Weapons for 100$
    - Pinnacle of PvP: All PvP Pinnacle/Ritual Weapons for 200$

    - Exotic Starter: Five Exotic Weapons for 50$
    - Exotic Guardian: All Exotic Weapons for 250$
    - Flawless Raider: All seven Raids Flawless for 150$
    - Triumphant Raider: All four Class/Element Triumphs + Weekly Challenge in one Raid for 25$
    - Garden of Triumphs: Garden of Salvation Flawless Completion + Divinity + All eight Encounter/Class/Element Triumphs + Weekly Challenge for 80$

    If you are interested or have any questions contact me on Discord or per eMail.
    I also do other PvE/PvP Recoveries, if you are interested in anything that is not on the list contact me.
    Prices and bundles are #.

    Discord: undeadNova, the Enlightened[意志力]#0968
    eMail: [email protected]
    Payment via PayPal

    How does it work:
    Log into your PayPal account -> Click on Send -> Enter my eMail Address -> Enter the amount that was agreed on -> Choose Sending to a friend or family.
    Once I received the money I will log into your Steam account, for which I need your Steam name and Password. That will trigger the eMail with the Verification Code which I will need. After that I can log on even when you are not available. I promise you to 100% that I will not take over your account, get it banned, permanently damage it or interfere with anything but the agreed objective.
    Every single purchase will be completed within ten days, unless a different agreement has been made. Please consider that Whisper of the Worm and Outbreak Perfected with Catalyst/Ship each take three weeks, also please take into consideration that some Bundles as well as a larger oders will take me more time, thus we need to negotiate a timeframe for me to complete these[up to 30 days]. If I'm not able to get the specific objective done within the agreed timeframe I will refund you your purchase. Also, even though it's not neccessary, you should change your steam password before you let me use your account. That way you can change it back after I'm done and ensure that I will be unable to log back into your steam account.
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