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    Hello all, to any one who is looking for items/credits on rk1 from a trustworthy seller look no further. i am not the seller. i am just passing this information on as the seller(bagofleettricks) he only sells via e-mail to a select few so is not on the forums. i have bought probly $1000 worth of AO items stuff from him over past 3-4 years. i used to buy QL 300 CC set for $240 then sell ingame for credits(they were worth alot more back then) then sell the credits to the chinese credit sellers. and they pay poor but i still made $100-$150 each set i bought. so i can definetly confirm he is 100% legit. any way here is the e-mail i recieve from him every 2-4 months, im passing it on. Hello, Hey there! I have recently reduced the prices of the 'popular' item list. Please see below. At this time, the credit prices will remain the same unless bulk order request are made in which I would be willing to reduce the prices on the amount purchased. 100 million credits = $6.50 USD 200 million credits = $13 USD 300 million credits = $19.50 USD 400 million credits = $26 USD 500 million credits = $32.50 USD 750 million credits = $48.75 USD 900 million credits = $58.50 USD 1 billion credits = $65 USD I also have added additional services to the list that I offer now. This now includes any tradable items that the Lost Eden expansion brings. If there is anything in particular that you feel you simply can not do without, please respond in kind to this message with the details. This includes ANY tradable item or credit amount that you wish to obtain in the game. You may also email me at: [email protected] You may send a message to this address at any time, just simply state what it is that you are after. The following is a list of popular items and services that I provide but is not limited to: ****All nano's (including the LE victory token nano's)**** ****ALL tradable RK items, Shadowlands, AI, and LE.**** ****ALL ql implants/symbiants**** Example SHORT LIST, NOT LIMITED TO: ***I CURRENTLY HAVE ALL QL 300 (Intelligent) SYMBIANT SETS FOR: Artillery, Infantry, Support, Control, Extermination)*** Full intelligent symbiant sets = $130 RBP = $165 USD Subspace Storage Device = $30 USD QL 240 + Supple Bots = $25 USD QL 240 + Strong Bots = $15 USD QL 240 + Arithmetic Bots = $8 USD Full suit of ql 300 Combined Paramedic's = $120 USD Full suit of ql 300 Combined Officer's = $125 USD Full suit of ql 300 Combined Scout's = $135 USD Full suit of ql 300 Combined Sharpshooters = $175 USD Full suit of ql 300 Combined Commando's = $185 USD Full suit of ql 300 Combined Mercenary's = $150 USD Full suit of ql 300 Strong armor = $85 USD Full suit of ql 300 Supple armor = $145 USD Full suit of ql 300 Arithmetic armor = $65 USD Full suit of ql 300 Observant armor = $75 USD Full suit of ql 300 Spiritual armor = $50 USD Full suit of ql 300 Enduring armor = $75 USD Dchest = $25 USD Modified NotuComm Mesh Trenchcoat = $25 USD GoC = $25 USD - Imbued Globe of Clarity = $50 USD Ql 220 MBC = $20 USD Explosif's Polychromatic Pillows = $9 USD Cloak of the Wandering Knight = $30 USD Gallant Flapper Ribbon = $20 USD Tier three completed glyph = $7.50 USD Ancient technical bracer = $30 Masterpiece Ancient Manual Aiming Aid = $25 Spirit Modified Yutto's Ncu = $10 Masterpiece Ancient Bracer = $50 Level 215 Bracelet of Arul Saba = $25 Combat Program + Master Combat Program = $25 USD Melee Program + Master Melee Program = $25 USD Nano Program + Master Nano Program = $25 USD Dust Brigade Notum Infusers = $6.00 USD Dust Brigade Solar Notum Infuser = $1.00 USD Masterpiece Ancient Combat Tuner = $25 USD Superior Ancient Combat Tuner = $20 USD Advanced Ancient Combat Tuner = $15 USD Ancient Nano Enhancer = $5 Ancient Skills Library = $5 Ancient Combat Bracer = $30 Modified Ancient Combat Bracer = $30 Ancient Medical Bracer = $30 Ancient Technical Bracer = $30 Complete Crystalised Memories = $20 Infused Ancient Defender = $15 Infused Ancient Nano Enhancer = $10 ql 200 ELLTS for sale currently******* ($105 each) I sell custom ql suits of alien armor as well. Keep in mind that this only extends to RK 1. This is just a generic list of items, if what you are after isn't on the list that doesn't mean that I won't get it for you as long as it is a tradable item, I no longer offer to acquire nodrop items. Again, this includes the various crystalised memories, Glyphs, Symbiants, 300 implants, buffing items ect. Yes, this applies to ALL expansions as long as they are tradable items. LE Alb items? Not a problem! (Examples as listed above: Ancient technical bracer, Spirit Modified Yutto's NCU, Masterpiece Ancient Bracer, Level 215 Bracelet of Arul Saba ect, ect.) Again, if you are interested please let me know what items you would like and I will tell you how much I will charge for that service. Also, if you know of anyone who would be interested in the services that I can provide please send them my information. If you are no longer interested in the services that I can provide, please disregard this message. I look forward to hearing from you and I thank you for your time. Bagofleettricks Regards Craig London, England
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