Another nice Acc with a lot of good Chars!

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    Selling the beloved and well-maintained account from a friend which I have taken over! -RotG- and Turan-access, 56 slot Backpack, Mammoth, Camel, Tarpani Stallion and lots of other things(Potions, Companions, Teleports...) available to claim. -Tried to kept all AA's up to date. -129 Funcompoints. -Premium Membership until 2012-03-25 11:30:44. -All Chars on Mitra -A lot of odds and ends/social stuff on each char!^^ ->Questions and offers via pm to me. Characters: Herald of Xotli(Mitra/Main): -Level 80 -PvP 2 -T4: 2 different Feets -T3: complete -Khitai: Brittle Blade Set, Necklace, Weapon -Vaaghasan Mount Bear Shaman: -Level 80 -PvP 3 -Khitai: Tamarins Tiger Set, Children of Yag-kosha Set, Ring, Weapon -some T2 gear -Vaaghasan Mount Dark Templar: -Level 80 -T3: Head,Wrist, Hands, Belt, Feet, 2 Shoulder, Weapons -Khitai: Tamarins Tiger/Last Legion Set, Rings, Cloak -Purebred White Vaaghasan Mount Bear Shaman: -Level 80 -T3: Belt, Feet, Hands, Wrist, Weapon -rest T2 gear Demonologist: -Level 80 -PvP 2 -T3: Chest, L, Feet, Hands, Wrist, Shoulder, Belt, Weapon, Ring -Khitai: some Brittle Blades Epics Tempest of Seth: -Level 80 -PvP 2 -T3: Belt, Feet, Weapon -rest T2 gear -Khitai: some Khitai Epics Barbarian: -Level 80 -T2 gear Assassin: -Level 80 -T2/Khitai gear Guardian: -Level 1^^
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