Sold [Android | iOS 634m Might|18 Gold Heroes (P2P)|Elit Lab|Good gears|Migration Scroll 6x

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  1. Embrerro

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    - Before buying, write to me on Line Messenger. I will explain to you the whole buying process, how this happens and I can reduce price, price is #

    - For more info or questions pm me or contact me on Line

    - Line ID : embrerro or add me by clicking on the link LINE Add Friend

    Through middleman or Paypal family and friends


    1. New Gmail account for Android (You can link your Facebook profile for IOS iPhone )
    2. VIP 15
    3. T4 ACCOUNT
    4. 634m MIGHT (Research 352m Troops 184m Familiars 4.3m )
    5. 16 HERO GOLD + Gold Big Guy + Watcher Gold + Purple Lore Weaver
    6. Purple Familiars Pact 4 Hell Drider 60lvl Hoarder 60lvl Trickstar 60lvl Gem Gremlin 60lvl Goblin 60lvl etc..
    7. A lot of useful things on a backpack
    8. Elit Lab/Gift Open
    9. Gems 95k+92k in 14 days
    10. Troops 6.5m
    11. Monster Hunt 5
    12. Migration Scroll 6x
    13. Guild Coins 5.8m
    14. Shield 24hours 138x
    15. Speed ups 100 days Research 181 days
    16. RSS In bag Food 1.1b | Stone 1B | Timber 1.6B | Ore 1.1B | Gold 1B
    17. Good gears
    PM me Line ID: embrerro or email [email protected] or click the button below, you can contact me via Line faster > LINE Add Friend

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Thread Status:
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