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    WTS 2 Accounts First 220 advy EndGame Second 220 Doc almost completed


    First account has a 220 Advy fully engame, full set of 300 CSS, IGOC,Alpha Symbs, In a pvp setup. Has swap items as well for more AR ect. On this account there is also a 220 Soldier, that can easily be equiped for pvp or pvm. There are several lower lvl atls as well. Advy has BoC and all other Nodrops Soldier has Beast pads.

    Second account is a 220 Crat and a 220 Doc, the Doc is almost completed, needs very little items, and the crat has full alphas on just missing armor. Both toons are very easy to finish and have most all nodrops from beast and apfs. There are several alts on this account including a 217 opi shade.

    WTS 2 accounts , 220/70/30 endgame Doctor/Fixer, other 220s

    WTS my 2 merged paid accounts (under same customers name and a froobie bank account in there aswell)

    Toons in account 1:

    220/70/30 Solitus Doctor - fully endgame PVM setup , alpha symbs , done all the quests, and has tons of various nodrop items so u can twink/change setups to like anything you'd like.

    220/70/30 Atrox Fixer - fully endgame PVP setup , mostly alpha symbs , and some 280-290s since at these spots alphas are not doable on atrox. Has all the quests done.

    220/70/30 Atrox Soldier - stripped atm , but with 220-240 symbs , collected most beta symbs ,and have all the quests done aswell

    211/50ish/25 Atrox Agent - also stripped (not playing it) but can become a lovely ganking toon with a little effort.

    172/42/24 Solitus Trader -old pvp toon , currenlty stripped TS-er , but equippable for less than 30 mins if u wanna pvp on it. Has every tiwnking item ingame , including 240+ Lya's pads , OT gunship and so on.

    150/42/16 Atrox Enforcerer - s10 toon , stripped too atm , but easy equippable.

    71/7/14 Nanomage MP - towerstwink that lacks currently AI armors , but its really fun to play.

    Account 2 :

    220/60ish/30 Nanomage PVP doctor (currently retired) , with alpha symbs/nice ql 300 def implants , just lacks 3-4 AI armor pieces. Done all the quests on it aswell.

    220/50ish/30 Opifex Agent - (retired too) - done the quests etc.

    172/42/24 Opifex Fixer - Perfectly twinked, took me a lot of effort there. Also has all the quests done and stuff.

    ------- All the toons are omni , and in one of the biggest PVP organization -------

    Most toons have really huge ammonth of nodrop twinking items(like Lya's pads) , and spent IP reset points , so u can rearange them (retwink) the way you like with just a bit of efford.

    All the 200+ toons have a set of beast armors , Beast weapons (upgraded) and lots of rare stuff.
    Aswell as all (or nearly...
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