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    Tradeskills: 2000 Comp Lit, 1000 Tutoring, 1200 Nano Programming
    Nanos: All the best ones
    Tokens: 2500+ (have new 2500 Xan defense token board)
    Main Characters Equipment: 6 - Best Gear In Game, Cant Get Better
    Describe All Characters Equipment:
    How many alts over Level 100:

    Additional Information
    NT is AI level 30, LE level 65 (best levels researched cant get any better. Rest of the LE levels are useless), Best Symbiants (ql 300) best armor, best nanos, full beast armor suit for social, all the new Legacy of Xan Items/symbs (minus 3 symbs that arent in game yet) Best Setup for PVP (will own anyone) and soloing boss and special mobs in inferno for money. Have a 220 Agent AI level 25 and LE level 68, with best rifles, armor and nanos. Level 150 twink doctor with full ai combined sharpshooters armor (ql 225)and best nanos, doctors left hand pistol (ql 300 on a level 150 doctor), ql 250 pistol implants to keep guns out of OE(over equip)

    Total Credits
    Level 186 Male Nano Technician on Atlantean - RK1
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