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    Selling 2 Anarchy Online Accounts, Both Accounts are on RK2 1st 220/27/70 Opi Fixer, perfectly equipped, intelligent symbs/alpha symbs, 300 EOE Eye symb, both upgraded xan weapons, He is completely ready to play pvm and pvp depending on the weapon/armor setups you go with 220/25/70 Trox Shade, completely geared as well, although he is in ofab armors, and not AI Armor. top spirits, and weapons are on him. 218/15/60 Trox Doctor, also completely geared and is even casting all DB nanos (Including Improved CH) completely self buffed, As far as Ive heard, my doc is the lowest lvl trox to ever be able to do this, He has AI armors, and top symbs equipped, completely ready to play 150/10/? Trox Advy, Perfectly equipped for sector 10 solo farming, this is my cash cow, and how Ive made my money recently ingame, easy 200m ever 2-3 hours of farming in sec10 with this toon. 150/?/? Trox MA, was my new project for TL7 pvp, Hes equipped for lvling right now 113/?/? Nano NT, Was lvling him as a 126 NT twink, everything is already on the toon ready to be equipped after he is lvled correctly. 21/2/5 Trox Trader, This toon is by far the best 21 twink ingame on RK2 right now, I made him during the research exploit, he has in full ql200 implants, and top armor/weapon, Ive never died on this toon at towers or in duels/battle stations. Account 2 219/17/?Soli Advy, This toon is pretty well stripped, He has armor/weapons, but I sold his symbs. 215/15/? Soli MP, Completely equipped with top armors and very high ql symbs, He already has the 220 Rhiwen pet in his inventory ready to use when he dings 220 170/10/? Trox Enf, Pretty stripped iirc, but he has items and gear in backpacks/inventory, I just took the ??? off to sell and never did. 165/11/? Opi MA, This is my TL5 twink Im asking for $450 for the first account, and $250 for the second, If someone is interested in buying both together, I will make a deal for them. Also, if anyone is interested, I also own a ql300 City, along with this city comes about 200m, if you would like to add it to either account It will cost an extra $100. If Someone so happens to want to buy this entire package, 2 accounts, city, and money, I will make a deal of $700 Email me at Drew.cfx or leave a reply here for a way for me to contact you. **********I have Traded the 2nd account do not email/reply asking for it*************Selling Anarchy Online Account - 220/30 Clan Crat RK 1account
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