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    I have been playing Anarchy online since 2002 , and to be honest I still like it , thats why I have decided to offer my services on also . I can do anything in that game starting from totv items to end game items . Here is what i can offer -Powerleveling 1-220 or any lvl you wish to stop -Powerleveling Axp any lvl you wish to stop -Powerleveling Research any lvl u wish to stop -Any drop or Nondrop item in that game I can manage to get it -I can get any Alien armour you need at what lvl you want it ( I got all ql clumps in the game ) Here is a small list of things i can do -DB quest -Arid quest -Nerveta quest ( including makeing your character imune ) -Adonis Brain quest -Penumbra quest -Infero Quests . all of em -Any key you need ( that include sanctuary key too ) -I can also twink your character if u don`t want to waste time and energy on it ( i got all profesions in game so i can buff anything i need ) -I can get AI Nondrop items like Comunication Relay or EOE -Basically you name it i can do this Here is why you should ask me for services First of all my experience in the game is large , I got a great team who can help me whenever is needed ( of course I will be the only one login on your character, they will be assisting by logging to other characters ). If you need a APF item or 12 man or beast item I will not go on bots to get it for you, I will get my team and they will get it , I will not insult other people from your character , I will not make fun of your character ( Like equiping bikini at social or a tutu ) , I usually do good services and people are happy with them For more info please do not hesitate to contact me on or YM . I can also be contacted by phone, but you have to ask for my phone number on the YM! or .[SOLD] 220/30/70 rk1 end game soldier
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