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    Want to sell anarchy online account. For questions or additional information post reply or send e-mail to alien_wladek Account details: 220 shade/ AI 18 ql 300 penultimate ofab spirits ql 130-190, one is 106 ofab viper MK6 ql 300 Improved Hacked Medi-Blade 6 slots deck with +50agi/sense Spirit Infused Yuttos NCUs x 3 The key to the garden of lord galahad some other ordinary items 220 trox soldier ql 100-170 symbs ql 200 and 300 ofab armor ql 215 bracelets of arul saba x 2 1k token board Dreadloch Modified Shark soldier nanodeck Dreadloch Endurance booster ordinary items 173 solitus bureaucrat kind of stripped, only few pieces of armor and symbs/implants. cdr x 2 170 nanomage nano-technician 80-130 symbs 3rd spec completed merlin, de'valos and predator armor parts shroud of the darkest night ordinary items 130 atrox adventurer 105+101 chiroptera 4 normal implants ordinary items kind of stripped too 143 opifex martial artist 50-180 symbs/imps predator armor parts ql 164 black organic martial artist suit 2 x VTE 291 tokens key to Enel's sanctuary ordinary items 216 solitus doctor 140-160 symbs ql 196 lya's sangi glasses Reactive armor parts ql 215 bracelet of arul saba x 2 ql 252 arthmetic boots 487 tokens doctor's right hand of hope equipped doctor's left hand of grace in inventory ordinary itemsWts Ao account
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.