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    Rk1 Toons-Enforcer lvl 220/30 -Clan (trox) -xan weapons 1hb/1he -alpha symbs/beta/+2,5k tokenboard -all buffs in game -ofab armour+db Adventurer lvl 220/30-clan(solitus) -xan weapons xan pistols(i have xan melee too) -alpha symbs full/2,5k tokenboard -all buffs in game -ofab armour+db Crat lvl 220/30-clan -xan weapons crat pistol+-clan (nanomage) -alpha symbs full/2,5k tokenboard -all buffs in game -ofab armour+db Shade lvl 214/30 -neutral (trox) -xan weapons +medi blade -decent spirits -all buffs for his lvl -ofab+5x cm ql 300 Fixer lvl 200/22-clan(trox) -weapons ofab hawk type 5 ql 175 ga3 +1k tokens board(sector 10 toon Soldier lvl 174/24 neutral(solitus) spb weapon+full ofab sector 10 toon Martial artist 150/20 neutral(opifex) sector 10 toon-ofab+pvm armour RK2 Toons Soldier 220/30-neutral(trox) -full beta symbs asault riffle xan weapon(i have envy if u need change) full ofab+db all bufs- Crat 209/28-clan(solitus) crat pistol on-is a power leveling toon Adventurer-174/24 solitus(neutral) good symbs-ofab armours best for sector 10 an bs Adventurer 150/20 atrox(clan) sector 10 toon with SoS+chirop weapon ofab armour These are on 1 acount rk1+rk2 moust of them are pvm toon but u can turn pvp if u want/ i have no problem with and account is payd till end of december/ im ask 1100$ negociable (im lf 220 engi tradeskiller single toon on account) if u interested send me mail at [email protected] or let me a message here 1100$ negociable ---------- Post added 08-27-2011 at 01:47 AM ---------- im waiting for an offer!say your price!Wts 214 Fixer rk1
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.