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    RK1 220 fixer/doc/adv/keeper , 216 crat , 210 sold + 150 ga4 fixer 150 enf 33 enfo twink + other alts 220 Ai 21 LE 60 fixer : full xan 300 symbs, beast xan envy wheps , full beast armor +boc 5x 300 css parts,IGOC, 300 ofab armor all pande belts,(def+offence huds) avades ncus ,2.5k tokens, all quests done ,all nanos , full endgame setup ,pvp low hp setup. 220 Ai14 LE 55 doc : 250ish symbs , full biodome armor , doc pistols + beast xan lust , good ncu,huds , all nanos, quests done,low tokens , ready to heal raids ect 220 Ai23 LE 70 adv : Neophyte pvp title ,ranged adv full xan 300 symbs ,2.5k tokens, 300 css head , ofab+Dust brigade armor, def+offence huds, beast lust Xan AS pistol+300 ofab Pistol , with FA pistol to swap for pvm, good ncu pande+avade all nanos, quests done. full beast armor+boc. , endgame setup , could be improved if wanted 220 Ai23 LE 70 keeper :high duel win score , good pvp toon for duels,2.5k tokens Full xan 300 symbs , beast xan whep , mix of ofab armor+dust brigade , full def/offence huds , all nanos ,quests done , all pande ncus , full beast armor+boc 216 Ai18 LE40 crat : ready to lvl to 220 has 220 pet carlo pet in bag ready to pop, 1500ish tokens , 2.5k board rdy to use .has ofab back/gloves/head , 300 combined scouts sleavesx2, pants , dustbrigade boots ,Beast Lust Xan pistols AS+burst+fling on!! 230-250ish symbs , Most Intell+betas in Bag read 2 combine at 219+ for twinking on , Most pande Huds/ncus , Dustbrigade ncus, def/offence huds, all quests done , all nanos 210 Ai 15 LE 40 Soldier : ofab armor , dread shark whep , 200-220ish symbs good ncu i think, new up and coming toon ready to be worked on 150 fixer : Grid armor mk4 (will need requiping) good sec10 twink to farm own viral bots for alien armor 33 enfo twink , duel ql 111+106 mortiig beaters, Strong alien head armor ,ql 125 imps , good for fun/towers :) these toons are split across two accounts , 1 omni toons , 1 clan toons , accounts are merged on account page, so have to be sold as 1, first account was made in 2001 , has 105 Vetren points across the 2 accounts, there is around 300mill in creds on account , but alien armor is alone worth around 4-5bill , that alone can be sold for £300ish im asking £150 or 160 euros via paypal rk4 is makeing me sell this contact me on birdy14787 . comWTS rk1 220 advy/engi, and fully twinked tl5 enfo twink
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.