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    Ok so as title says ... i am forced to quit AO cause of RL new job so i want to sell 1 or both accounts: Account 1: a) endgame MA soli - best pvp setup money can buy, ( including ql 275 flowers - all of them ofc ) dont need to mention i think right pad gaunt / left igoc, CC's 300 ofab pants on ( CC pants on social ), also ACDC ... basically as i said .. best setup for pvp / duels that AO has atm; b) endgame crat NM - idem as MA .. only CSS ofc ( except gloves ) c) endgame fixer opi (in nodrops atm but incase the offer for this account is makeing me get wet :p i can easy give the CSS set from sold from second account ) Dont need to mention .. 220/30/70 all 3 chars ... all nanos .. all .. anything ... quests etc ... rdy to log in and rush BS / wars / duels. Account 2: a) 220 sold soli ( got all the alpha's rdy to put on, i didnt put it yet cause i wanted to switch to smg .. and since i am maniac about perfect skills and IP's ) i didnt equipped till he isnt AI30 ( 24 atm ) - CSS on ofc except gloves b) 220 keeper trox same as sold - in full CC ( except head and chest which are on social ) since the ofab are better c) 162 MP NM - wanted to make him a 200 twink ( got 4 x CS 300 and a 271 helm who i waited to go to APF so i can make it nodrop .. and equipp the 300 CS at 200 and a notucom mesh ) Both accounts clans, both Rk2 ... and i think i have some "leftovers" like 2bils in cash .. and 1 rbp also ( since MA got his erbp this one was extra ), on account1 there are also around 200 points at Tara which means easy way 2 gocs Any questions and other details ( i dont know what i can writte here more ) will be answered in PM's .. prices also. P.S. Waiting on offers P.S.1. Account1 is payed till january something ... account2 is payed till octomber 2012 P.S.2. Trying to sell them asap .. so i can uninstall AO .. and get on with my new job. Thanks!!!WTT SWTOR Account for AO Account
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