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    hey, as title says i want to sell my rk2 clan account. 1. 220/30/70 Ranged CLAN Solitus Advy. Has all neccesary items and has FULL alpha symbs. Flycatcher specs and also other goodies, Pen ofab mixed with dustburgade,Haittes Combined helmet, has both xan Pistols, beast armor etc. all huds and utils 2. 220/23/60ish opisex CLAN agent. Has Pen ofab also has Haittes combined helmet, Pen ofab mixed with dustburgade has all nanos for pvp and for buffing, hass xan sniper.all huds and utils. 3. 220/30/69 Solitus Soldier, SMG soldier has both xan, also has Enchanted waterfall eye for pvp,Combined Haittes helmet, PEN ofab mixed with some dust burgade, neccesarry buffs and nice items, also has full alphas accept for 3(feet,ear,l) all endgame huds and utils 4. 220/30/70 Solitus CLAN Trader, has xan shotgun, almost all alphas missing(right hand, right wrist, right arm are betas) ! ALL buffs. Has Yakomo's Combined Scout's Headwear, all endgame huds and utils and ncus. 5. 160/5/0 OMNI enforcer, just for leveling has inf boots and ready to level. ALSO Merged to account 1. 220/24/70 CLAN Atrox Assult Rifle Soldier, has db mixed with pen ofab most quests done all endgame items accept for symbs, has betas, fly catcher specs, beats armor etc. 2. 173/6/0 OMNI atrox shade, ready for leveling, has piercing evil and nippy john stilleto on , also has slippers of screaming and blood soak cloaked ready to be twinkied on. various other toons low lvl. Im looking for money, or for tradeing accounts i will take rk1 or rk2 and faction does not matter. LOOking for offers (PAYPAL ONLY!). MY is aotradeinglive have a great day! ---------- Post added 02-05-2012 at 11:59 AM ---------- Bump, PM me if you have any questions ect. ---------- Post added 02-05-2012 at 05:44 PM ---------- bump selling cheap takeing offersSelling Anarchy Online Account - rk2 credits (accepting moneybookers only)
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