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    Anarchy online account for sale with a 220 / 30 male solitus agent (atlantean server) with top equipment and top symbiants: - equipment: auno/ao/equip.php?saveid=178563. As you can see the agent has extreme nice equipment: full combined sharpshooter’s, the top weapon, alpha symbiants (except for the left-arm), sniper's signet of the Apocalypse, stellar agent nanodeck, robust backpack. - In addition the agent also has a burden of competence (auno/ao/db.php?id=244718) and a Shoulderplates of Sabotage (auno/ao/db.php?id=244713) equipped in the social slots! Very nice looking; especially when you go in ruse of taren. - The agent also has a Modified NotuComm Mesh Trenchcoat, 6 * Abilities NCU - Type 3F (6/6), ALL gardenkeys, dust brigade security codes and pass and decrypted kyr'ozch data core, tons of other stuff in the bank - 500 million credits - Can cast all usefull nanos, including the specific agent-only-apf-nanos and true profession. I accept paypal verified only; and you get the account details as soon as the paypal money is on my own bank account. Other toons are stripped; low level and worthless...If needed; i can come ingame and show you, this toon is real. For offers, mail me at: staraxiet. H.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.