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    All Rimor (Rubika-2) All clan Want to sell fully equiped 220 soldier with a 213 enf, 201 agent, 197 Martial artist, 180ish advy, 160ish shade, 150ish nt, and 140ish fixer. soldier has ofab pants, gloves and pads, d-chest, assult rifle sleeves, azure/inferno boots (and many others), HNTA, ranged ai helm, tier 3 pads aswell He is wearing ai Ranged Energy Pistol duled with the sl fa pistol, very good dmg for pve. he can solo most of the mobs in the game and with heals can tank anything he is a very powerful character and set up for pvp also. most of his symbiants are 260+ there is about 20mil on account in credits and more than 2bil in equipment all the other characters are set up to play aswell 2nd account 215 agent, 211 ma 215 agent is uber pvper and is super for those who love to insta kill the big enf with 40k hp he is setup with full hp gear and has most 240+ symbiants in 211 ma, ma's are the top dd in game is just needs to be lvled and grab a few higher symiants All of the character have clean reps and can be picked up easily i was never a big group player and tended to solo alot so not alot of people know me. i will accept paypal payment for both of $450 or i will tade for a WOW account of similar value You can Email me at: Double_death12 PM me here or leave a replyMaplestory Mesos...
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.