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    Account #1-215 soldier ai 15+ has upgrade beast wep/ofab/decent nodrops has lots of stuff 210 mp power leveled pretty gimped atm great toon to make for a 214 twink -Account hasent been played in a long time and is extremly unknown name change and this acc is 100% legit- 75$ or 2b on rk2 Account #2 170ish advy use to be a decent twink now its pretty stripped has 1k tokens alot of nodrops ai 10+ just needs ai armor and what not- 30$ or 1b on rk2 Account #3 this is the rk2 acc--220/20+/59+(atrox) shade missing like 3 spirits to have full alphas has db bracer both beast weps lots of nodrops pretty much endgame little work needed 220/15+/40+ (atrox) advy has troaller on in mostly ofab decent symbs (mr ftw) 218/15+/40+ (nanomage) trader-re ip'd for tradeskills but with some ip resets can easily be set back for pvm has most of its nanos and use to be decent before ip reset 208/5+/30+(soli) doctor was going to be a 214 twink got lazy stopped leveling it has pistols and umm heals.. 170/5+/30+(Soli) soldier was a lame 170 twink back in the day.. 170/5+/30+(atrox) enforcer stripped use to be a twink completly stripped now 60/4+/?? ma power leveld basicaly Account #1=75$ or 3b on rk2 Account #2-30$ or 1b on rk2 Account #3=200$ or 9b on rk2-----Prices negotiable but not by much cheap enough already PS would like to sell them all at once if you buy them all ill give you some sort of discount!!! ---------- Post added 10-20-2011 at 02:40 AM ---------- oh ps all are omni! forgot[SOLD] Rk2/rk1
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