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    220 Enfo, 210 Doc, 150 Twink MA RK2 Time for me to leave the game so selling my chars. 220 Enfo Clan RK2 AI LVL 25 Still Some LVL 9-10 research to do Loads Of Quests Done, All 4 Specs, Dust Brigade ect (still needs some garden keys) Most of symbiants are Betas Full Set QL 300 Combined Mercenary's Full Set QL 300 OFAB ( non improved ) HHAB, Inf Boots, Pand Ring Perfected Infused Dust Brigade Bracer Masterpiece Ancient Bracer Helmet of Hypocrisy Burden of Competence Shoulderplates of Sabotage Clan Merits - Xan Defense Paragon Superior Icy Shoulderpads of Brawn Xan's Blue Belt of Triple Prudence and so on QL300 Yuttos NCUs QL 300 Xan And LE Wepons AI Yalm I also have a whole load of other rare/buffing items from Dust Brigade & all expansions just too many to mention. Name was recently changed so a fairly unknown char. 210 Doctor Clan RK2 Not much to write about here AI lvl 12 Most Research done as far as 8 Fully Equiped but with pretty standard items All 4 Specs Done and Some DB Basic DB Bracer and a small number of cool items but not a lot A lot of work needed on this toon to be honest but has buit up 25k VP Name was also changed recently so again not well known 150 MA Clan RK2 This is my awsome S10 Twink made a lot of credz with this one. AI LvL 10 All LVL 7 research done X2 Imbued Globe of Clarity (one on each shoulder) Living Dragonflesh Body Armor Robust Backpack Set of Yuttos & 64 Ncu All The AI items for HUD ect Again a load of buffing items some rares but not much Rest of the armour is a mix of Dragon and Combined Mercenary's Not many quests done as this was always for S10 Agent 165 Clan RK2 AI Lvl 12 All reaserch lvl 7 Done Pretty much been power leveled to 165 but not much else done Bare Char has some good symbs for its lvl but thats about it. I'm looking for $200. The account is inactive. Looking for $ only as I'm leaving the game. Looking for a buyer with a good rep. PM me here if you wish to contact me.wtb crat rk1
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