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    Tradeskills: min; nano programming 600+
    Nanos: most all
    Tokens: 445
    Main Characters Equipment: 4 - Good Gear, Average to Good Gear
    Describe All Characters Equipment:
    Please List All Gear And Character: 220 advy 21 ai Penultimate Ofab Adventurer Sleeves ql 300 Penultimate Ofab Adventurer Body Armor ql 300 Urbane Pants of Libra, Dynamic Sleeve of Aries Thin Shoulder Pad of Cama Thar Gloves of the Caring CapricornSleeves of Azure Reveries Virgo's Analytical Spirit Helper Maar's Blue Belt of Double Prudence Ofab Mongoose Mk 6Gemini's Double Band of Linked Information Perfected Alien Tank ArmorFly Catcher's SpecsSuperior Icy Shoulderpads of Explosive Power Chosen Adventurer Shoulder Cover Sleeves of Senseless Violence Enhanced Dustbrigade Sleeves Enhanced Dustbrigade Chemist Gloves Infused Ancient Defender Boon of Aries Communications Relay The Key to the Garden of Lord Mordeth Spiritech Medical Analyzer Mystery of Pisces Glimmering Magnetic Ring Biomaterial Defensive Shield Soft Ring with Fluff Ring of Computing Eye of the Evening Star Spiritech Network AnalyzerSpiritech Medical AnalyzerResearch Attunement Device - Nano Technology Level Three Research Attunement Device - Offense Level Three Research Attunement Device - Medical Level Three Research Attunement Device - Combat Lev l Three Research Attunement Device - Defense Level Three Research Attunement Device - Health Level Three Capricorn's Guide to Alchemy Fuzzy Nano Input Hood Experimental Cyborg Token Board, all 4 specializations.
    Please List All Gear And Character: 160 Nano Tech mostly stripped armor has all nanos castable for level, 3 specializations.
    How many alts over Level 100:
    Alternate Character Server: Atlantean - RK1
    Alternate Character Level: 160
    Alternate Character Profession: Nano Technician

    Additional Information
    Also lvl 70 soldier, lvl 66 fixer lvl 59 crat, lvl 19 advy

    Total Credits
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.