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    RK-1 Free to play "Froob" Buffing toons.

    Yep, like tittle states I have free to play accounts, with no monthly subscription fees, a.k.a froob buffing toons for sale at 20€ per account on Atlantean dimension.
    I will list some of the most important nanos that the buffing characters come with, as well as being able to self cast - as in casting without the need of changing equipment & implants,
    nor the help of other players to do so.

    Agent nanos:
    Enchanced Senses
    Feline Grace
    Unexpected Attack
    Take the Shot
    Ruse of Taren - Phase 3

    Doctor nanos:
    Superior First Aid
    Iron Circle

    Engineer nanos:
    Extreme Prejudice

    Fixer nano:
    Karma Harvest

    Meta-Physicist nanos:
    All Mochams
    All Infuses
    All Masteries
    All Teachings
    Mocham's Neural Interface-Web
    Calling of Curatem The Grand (level 169 heal pet)

    Soldier nanos:
    Riot Control

    Trader nanos:
    131/132 Wrangles
    500/1000 Lend Nano
    All Five Maestros (+125 Tradeskill buffs)

    Tradeskill wise these characters have 880 in Breaking & Entering and 675 in Nano programming skills, to be able to clean basic implants up to QL 185 and make them up to roughly QL 112.
    Higher is possible, depending on cluster(s) used.

    Anarchy Online account for sale/trade
    I am looking to sell my Anarchy Online account. It's been a lot of fun but I don't play the game anymore and really hate for it to just sit around. These characters haven't been logged into the game in awhile and are known to almost no one, so there shouldn't be any problem with future gameplay. The account includes:

    Level 130+ Nanomage Metaphysicist
    Almost full set of symbiants (missing chest, which has a ql200 implant currently)
    2x Viral Triumvirate eggs
    Good armor for his level
    Can selfcast all nanos for his level, including composite infuses and Mochams.
    Has 900+ in nanoprogramming
    Has 1200 in MC/TS once buffed

    100+ Opifex martial artist
    Geared appropriately for his level
    All nanos for his level
    Can solo borgs when fully buffed

    Many other lower twinks including an enforcer and nano technician.

    If you're looking for a fun game to get into or maybe just want an excellent pocket healer to power level your new characters send me an offer.

    I'm selling to the best offer or willing to trade for just about anything. Just send me an email and let's see what we can work out.

    WTS Anarchy Accounts.

    Fixer 220/30/70,got all items from pande(boc/belts/ncu's),got all braces(albatrum)/DB.He got also all nanos from apf/db quest.
    The fixer its full alpha's symbiant.Got 2.5k tokens and many more items
Thread Status:
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