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    Tradeskills: 1864 Comp. Lit. others aren't high enough to mention
    Nanos: Can cast all top nanos self buffed with no org cities or towers
    Tokens: 2500
    Main Characters Equipment: 5 - Uber Gear, Good To Great Gear
    Describe All Characters Equipment:
    Please List All Gear And Character: Drcamyle: She's got most of her buff gear (minus a burden of competence), QL 300 combined Commando's sleeves and pants, QL 300 Odum's Combined Paramedic's Headwear, QL 270+ symbiants in all important slots, Right arm/right hand/right wrist are all 250+ implants set up for pistol skills, Doctor's Right Hand of Hope and Left Hand of Grace, Hadrulf's NCU Platform, all dustbrigade NCUs, QL 300 Infused Viral Compiler, Living Dragonflesh Body Armor, Empowered Robust backpack, and several other really nice peices of equipment
    How many alts over Level 100:
    Alternate Character Server: Atlantean - RK1
    Alternate Character Level: 220
    Alternate Character Profession: Fixer

    Additional Information
    The account has access to SL/AI/NW, the character Cammster has access to an org with 1,600,000,000 credits in the bank. The doctor is able to solo almost anything in the game, has all quests (including garden keys) completed, she also has all her QL 300 symbiants (except the head and ear) ready to be put in after a few perk resets.

    Total Credits
    Level 168 Male Doctor on Rimor - RK2
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