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    Get gift with consuming for christmas 1.We will farm 20k-50k honor free for you if you make an order for powerleveling which is from 1-70 or 60-70 between December.18th and January.5th.please contact our guys if you want to know the detail. 2.On December 25th ,from the middle night 00:00 to the whole day ,it is just 20%-70% of normal price of powerleveling that we can level for you .it is only 59.99$ at the least for leveling 1-60.and 99.99$ for leveling 1-70,and the lowest price is 9.99$ for leveling from 60-70.more services ,contact our guys please. 3.From December 20th to Januare 20th,we will give you a big suiprise.The one who introduce clients to our company ,after the deal was done,will get 30% profits of this deal.The one who make the deal up to 1000$ will become our website VIP forever and you just spend 60% of normal price on every deal you want to make with us forever.More details ,plesase contact our guys. 4.From December 20th -January 31th,we will supply part of free service,include free powerleveling,free farm gold ,free farm honor, give you a flying mount ,free farm skill and so on.It is free to part of clients for leveling 1 to 70.If you have any interests,please contact our guys right away. ON SALE: 1. Christmas Bonus lv 60-70 present 3000G only $99.99 only 8days 2. Christmas Bonus lv 1-70 present 2000G+2*Skill 375+Epic Flying Mount only $379.99 only 20days 3. Christmas Bonus lv 1-70 present 3500G only $199.99 only 16days 4. Christmas Bonus lv 1-60 present 500G+2*Skill 300+Epic Mount only $199.99 only 12days 5. Christmas Bonus lv 1-60 present 800G only $109.99 only 10days 6. WOW Honor Points 50,000 Only $99.99 only 4days 7.All farmering gold for free!!! 8.Epic Flying mount for free!!! only 7days welcome to otcgame is SCAMMER welcome to otcgame is SCAMMER welcome to otcgame is SCAMMER2007 Promotions Going On Now, Slashed Price and Free Gold!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.