Selling Amber KS Patron plus extras

Discussion in 'Crowfall Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by whiskey, 3/1/17.

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    Selling my Amber Kickstarter Account with lots of extras on itworth over £3000 total.

    Accepting offers for whole account or even to split.

    Main highlights are:

    Large Castle Pack
    a large collection of modular Castle (stone) pieces, Parcel Capital Rank 1, a Castle Throneroom
    a Kickstarter Castle Accessory Pack)

    Small Castle Pack (Castle Throneroom, Parcel Capital Rank 1, Kickstarter Castle Accessory Pack, collection of modular castle (stone) pieces)

    Medium Fort Pack (Parcel Shire Rank 2, Fort Lodge, Kickstarter Lodge Accessory Pack)

    Forum Badge/Frame - Amber Patron KS

    Credits - Patron KS

    Play Test 2-3 Participant & Play Test 2-3 Access Entitlement (x2)

    Play Test SP Participant

    Play Test SP Access Entitlement (x2)

    Siege Perilous Match Access

    Beta Group 6

    2016 Pledge Participant, 2015 Pledge Participant, Kickstarter Participant

    Forum Access

    Alpha 2, Alpha Group 2

    Digital Sound Track

    Digital Art Book

    Digital Game Copy

    Physical Collectors Edition/KS + 10

    One month VIP (x11)

    Additional Character Slot (x2)

    Bank size +20%

    (1 cell) Farmland Parcel (standard) (x9)

    Woodland Grove Parcel (rank 1- produces knotwood)

    Cottage (x2)

    Parcel City Rank 1

    Guild Hall - Company Garrison

    Pack Pig



    Nightmare Mount-KS

    God Statue (1 of 12) – KS

    Arcane Weapon set – KS

    Bloodwine Drinking Horn Relic (extra small size)

    Name a Fallen Hero

    Name a Fallen Monarch

    Unique Character Name (reserved)

    Dwarven Blacksmith Thrall (Improved crafting)

    Stoneborne Relic (Grants Gaes of Craftsmanship)

    Centaur Relic (Grants Blessing of Courage)

    All Father Statue Relic w/Blessing of Knowledge (KS exclusive – grants blessing of knowledge)

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