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    Well ive decided when my main account expires (just over 2months from now) im going to just play froob, if froob at all. which is good for you guys becuase im going to let my main account go up for grabs. well, lets see whats on it. The main - 220/20+/60+ Item grind complete (except acdc) has everything youd need, months of farming. ALL ALPHA SYMBS IN. All twinking gear youd need. (boc, ring of pluasablity, EVEN OMNI GUN SHIP QL200) has upgraded Robust backpack, all dust brigade armor all garden keys + inf sanc Has All nanos uploaded, cant cast everything. Have some phulaks, alb nano huds + AR huds. both bracers, snipers friend, stablising aid, 2.5K Tokens + lox board seriously amazing character just needs afew last lines of research. Has alot more important stuff which, so much i just cant remember it all without logging in so ill update Hes not the only amazing character on there, there are 3 twinked toons for pvp and another 3 pvm twinks two lvl 170's twinked in persisting/ vigs Both have there 1k tokens done And there twinked weapons equipped so you wont need to twink them on. one of the toons is maxed out on research and AI levels and has some spec edition ofab if you wanna raise him to 220 the other pvp twink is a tl3 below 80, with 200 implants equipped and also research, AI complete, weapon twinked on, This toon is completly over powered - nanites anyone ? [​IMG] The pvm twinks ? All for sec10 Each one for a different purpose, soloer (cough GA4 cough) DD or CC, all got high imps/ symbs and one has a very sought after nodrop. the last slot on the account is occupied by an old pvp twink which is totally stripped now but oculd easily be retwinked, has some nice no drops. all toons are in amazing conditions and come with the best token board for there level. Im not in a rush to sell, still have 2 months left on the account, but unlike other accounts like this, im not gonna be wanting an obscene amount for it, ill still be playing irregulary for the last 2months until i sell it Offers can be done with cash or IG creds Reply to this thread and PM me please, thanks in advance and good luck guys [​IMG]
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