AION SZ Bot - CN / KOR / US Versions FAQs What you need to know!

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    It seems a lot of people have been confused on what these guys on MD are talking about. AION SZ is a Korean Bot that was translated into Chinese when the AION Chinese game was released. It?s now been translated into English for AION US & EU gamers. Download AION SZ Bot :// This page is in Chinese, it is one of the office sites. On the page you will see (2) downloads ? Select the one on the right! 10/7 SZ-USA-AION-AUTO107 Down ? This one! This is how you download the bot. After it is downloaded just unzip all of the files into a directory on your hard drive. Now after the bot is installed you MUST purchase TIME to use the bot. The bot itself is free but in order to use the bot you must pay time! Think of it just like what blizzard and all MMO games do. They allow you to download the client for FREE but to use the game you must pay for it! Same principle here, as you must pay for time to use the bot! ---------- Now what has been getting everyone confused is there are (2) people on MD right now selling the Bot Time cards. It is your choice who you want to purchase the time cards through. The cost of the Time Cards are ~$10 USD but you must be able to speak Chinese and have a Chinese bank account! So if you do not have access to such connections, then you are stuck buying them from one of the guys selling them on MD. Now IMO I would recommend aionbuddy just due to the fact the dude is selling the cards for $15 which is only a $5 markup and that?s reasonable as he has to cover chargeback, exchange rate changes and all of his time for ordering the cards and selling them to you. Plus he?s offering basic tech support if you are having issues using the bot. ------- I hope this has cleared up what AION SZ Bot is and why there are more then 1 person selling the ?Time Cards?. If you have any other questions or need some basic help, just post in here.
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