Aion Israphel US 50 Assassin / 399 Weaponsmith, CE+PRE account. +42 temp

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    Selling my level 50 assassin on israphel, there is a 25 elyos ranger also on the server yustiel. The assassin comes fully geared with 15 mil+ worth of stuff in bank, 399 Weaponsmithing, 150 alchemy. Nachal's blue dagger in MH, worthy durable orichalcum sword in offhand. most of the gear is blue. some green. he has pretty much all his glyphs in bank. Ambush lev 49 and such. 5500 hp 3600 mp 1460 evade 445 crit 220 atk can kill anything pretty quick. Linked to the master account is a 2nd account with a 42 templar and 20 ranger on asmodian on the same server. the templar has 10 mil+ on him + tons of blue patterns in the mailbox. account is collector's edition and preorder. i'm looking for 400$ reply here or PM me here or on aim at Nodixal. will also agree to use service (prefered)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.