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    WTB Temp or Ranger Pvp Gear
    WTB Triniel Accounts (Asmodian) lvl 30 + ; +109 TWV1z1zLooking to pick up a few more farming accounts on Triniel Asmodian. If assassin, please be 30 + All other classes must be 36 + Please post here before contacting. *
    WTB: 55 Elyos Templar Very Well Geared1z1zAs the title says.. post here or pm me or hit me up on AIM Thanks Aim: MMOWorld1188
    WTB: aion time card1z1zaion Us tim card
    WTB: Any chance on a Aion Powerlevel service?1z1zWondering if anyone on this forum offers Aion Powerleveling. Hit me up on aim or PM if so
    WTB: asmo temp lvl 40-501z1zlooking for an asmo temp level 40-50 on any server, gear is not important
    WTB: Asmodian Templar w Menotios Warhammer/Dragon Deity Warhammer ANY OTHER EQUIPMENT idc
    WTB: Expert Noble Nanyu Bow (Gold) or Master Nanyu Bow (Eternal)1z1zOn VZ, will pay real money for either Expert Noble Nanyu or Master Nanyu Bow, gold versions. If eternal Master Carved, will pay extra.
    WTB: Looking for Active Aion Account on Israphel1z1zMust have character atleast lvl 35-40, secret question and answer. Not looking for anything special but please be atleast lvl 35-40
    WTB: Looking for level 50 templar in EU Spatalos server
    WTB: Looking to buy a asmo account on Israphel Server1z1zLooking to buy a account asmo side on Israphel server. Friends are currently playing the game , not looking for something really expensive but looking for level 50+ , have anything please send me a pm and please have paypal and please have gametime on it. Looking for a honest seller with rep, thank you.
    WTB: Need a lot of kinah on Balder-elyos1z1zi need a lot of kinah on balder-elyos. about 300-400M, just contact my if you have . check my profile , there is adress. verified paypal paymen t.
    WTB: well geared pvp cleric eu server
    WTB: WTB Aion Kinah1z1zWTB Aion Kinah Add my : goldmmorpg@
    WTS - 10m Kinah on Vaizel - Asmodian (or server trade)
    WTS - CE Aion(US) + 5 Months Veteran
    WTS - EU Europe AION Closed Beta Keys ( 1 2)
    WTS / WTT 38 Sorcerer EU1z1zHey, I've gotten bored with the game after hitting lvl 38 on my Asmo Sorcerer - on the Kalhun server. Just don't have the time to devote! It's a CE enabled account. Sorc has 240 or so alchemy, some tailoring and about 1.4 million kinah. Gear is nothing so special - some blue items, I have farmed the boots from mistmane which give +20% speed.. which made a world of difference. In the bank theres every weapon/armor and accesorry flux i've found since starting this character - ie alot. Cube is maxed out minus 1 and bank has 4 opened slots too. On the elyos side I have a 27 assassin and a 22 Spiritmaster on the Telemachus side - same account. I guess 500k between em. I'm after selling it for offers or i'd trade for a well geared eu WoW account, either side. Maybe even a warhammer account. I would prefer the accounts to have some time still to play, so i can check em out. Cheers The account will end subscription in november 1st. It's a seperate NCsoft account, so no problems just to hand it over. Any offers? I can provide SS's and a link to the armory if theres any interested. Havent posted here before - but the accounts genuine, I don't wanna play anymore lol Good chance for you to skip a bunch of the grind, on the newest server with only 1 lvl 50 so far and play as a fun class.
    WTS > Infiniteaion LVL 55 SIN PRIDE
    WTS 100 Mio Kinah Aion Balder Asmo
    WTS 2 ACCOUNTS SEPERATE OR TOGETHER1z1zSelling a level 30 asmodian sorcer on Zikel, comes with 1600,000 kinah, collectors edition account, many titles, 1/4 to 31, has greens and 2 blues, lots of stuff in inventory to sell to bring kinah to around 300,000, have all info and serial code/unique account ID. Also selling a level 10 elyos cleric on siel on a diferent account, collectors edition, contains 5,000 kinah, accepted into best legion on server at higher level; legion name is fire, has stuff to sell to bring kinah to around 40,000, some titles including settler of aion, in greens and whites. I have all info for account including serial code/unique account ID. The level 30 sorceror has 2 months of playtime and the level 10 cleric has one month of playtime. The sorceror is female and the cleric is male. Please send offers and state whteher or not you are buying one account or the other, and in that case which account you are buying, or if you are buying both accounts, to yoperry003 on AIM. Buying both accounts will get a great deal. If you have a good amount of rep or are trust who verified I will go first, otherwise you are going first. Expect a phone conversation or text message for verification. Please post in this thread before contact with aim name. I WILL NOT RENT OR CONVERSE WITH PEOPLE WHO DO NOT HAVE A spamsite ACCOUNT! On contact I will give armory, I will not let people try out characters, but can show in game. Have a nice day!
    WTS 20 chanter 18 assassin 16 sorc 12 ranger1z1zhey guys lookin to sell my aion account complete with a 20 chanter an 18 assassin a 16 sorc and a 12 ranger for the low price of 30 dollars payable through pay pal. this account doesnt have any prepaid time left
    WTS 30 Assassin Elyos - Zikel 1mil kinah CE1z1zHey I'm looking to sell my lvl 30 assassin on Zikel, Aion just isn't the game for me. I'm only looking for cash. Message me on AIM with offers. The account is a Collectors Edition and has 1mil kinah on him. Offers start at $40. Thanks again message me on aim: robsoule3 If I don't respond I may be asleep leave an email and I will get back to you. Post before contacting me.
    WTS 30 Day Game Time Card & Activation Code
    WTS 300M Kinah Elyos Zikel Server
    WTS 31 CE Cleric Elyos on Lumiel Cheap!!!1z1zHeya, I just got back into WoW, Aion got kind of boring to me, so I am looking to drop it for a little cash. Like it says, I am selling cheap, so $20-$30 is about what I am looking for. The Cleric has decent gear, he is on Lumiel server, Elyos side. Earth's Wrath, Flash of Recovery, and Festering Wound stigmas. Fully socketed in all HP stones for the abyss. 9k AP. 150 Armor smithing with all the "Worthy" chain armor recipes, that way at some point you can make the HQ blues. Contact info is in my sig. IM me. I will be willing to show the character to you in-game if you wish. Get at it. Gogogo.
    WTS 33 chanter 24 Glad Asmo Telemachus1z1zAs the title says i want to sell 1 Collector edition with 33 chanter and 24 Glad on Telemachus cause i used it for 1 month and didnt really like the game so i gave it up and went on wow again. pm offer or add me ***************************************************** on . price discussable dont have something in mind atm.real owner of the acc can provide anything needed..
    WTS 33 Sorc cheap1z1zfor more information about price and armory Aim: Clispa
    WTS 33 Sorc or WTT for WoW account!!
    WTS 35 Assassin on Siel, great gear, 180,000 Kina!
    WTS 36er Gladiator Votan Elyos
    WTS 41 Kantor auf Lephar (€ oder Kinah)1z1zHallo, verkaufe hier meine (mittlerweile) Level 41 Kantorin auf dem deutschen Server Lephar und auf Seiten der Asmodier! Der Kantor gehört zu den beliebten Klassen in Aion, da er durch seine Buffs die Gruppe und sich selbst erheblich verstärken und zusätzlich auch noch heilen kann, desweiteren macht er sehr guten Schaden. Solo ist der Kantor eine perfekte Klasse, da er guten Schaden macht, sich selber heilen kann und sich durch Buffs selbst verstärkt. Die Kantorin hat die besten Stigmas ausgerüstet, hat eine sehr gute Solo und Gruppenrüstung und Sowohl Schild und Mace als auch einen Stab als Waffen, der Gesamtwert der Rüstung beläuft sich auf mehrere Millionen Kinah! Sie hat einen rollenspiel tauglichen Namen und ist hübsch anzusehen! Desweiteren hat Sie die Collectors Edition Flügel (+40 Sek Flugzeit) und auch noch die Anderen CE Gegenstände! Das Warenhaus ist mit vielen Wertvollen Materialien vollgepackt die verkauft oder für Twinks genutzt werden können! Der Account hat noch über einen Monat Spielzeit! Er enthält das PRE Order und das Collectors Edition Pack, die es beide NICHT mehr zu kaufen gibt! Der Account und somit alle Charaktere ist nie negativ aufgefallen Preisvorschläge und Rückfragen per PN an Mich Ich tausche auch gegen einen entsprechenden Gegenwert in Kinah auf dem Server Lephar - Asmodierseite! MfG
    WTS 50 assassin Collectors 3 months service $350!
    WTS 50 Assassin US Israphel
    WTS 50 Sorc twink & 53 Chanter! ( 1 2)
    WTS 52 Aion asmo assassin.
    WTB Elyos Azphel Account1z1zAs the title says im looking for an Elyos Azphel Account with some kinah on it and maybe some lvl40ish character. i want it to be cheap so equipment doesnt matter its mainly for the Kinah on the account .) so make sure theres a lot of it. thx
    WTB elyos Perento sin
    WTB Elyos Ranger full PvP Gear!!1z1zWTB Elyos Ranger full PvP Gear!! pm me Ich will einen Elyos Ranger mit PvP Gear kaufen und zahle gut. Schreibt mich an.
    WTB EU account Assasin
    WTB Europe CD-Key + golden medal/krall molar/Golden lepharist crest on Suthran1z1zAll is in the title Tout est dans le titre Pm me or write here
    WTB Expert Noble Darkwater Orb OR Design - TELE/Elyos
    WTB Glad full pvp
    WTB Glad/Temp/Sorc/SM on Siel Elyos faction 35+!
    WTB Gold on Perento (Elyos) !!!!!1z1zwtb gold on perento server, elyos side. contact me via email : ***************************************************** thx
    WTB Gold on Perento (Elyos) pay good1z1zHey guys, I want to buy gold on perentos at elyos side, /pm me your message or send me a email -> *****************************************************
    WTB Infiniteaion kinah Pride-Elyos
    WTB kinah servr1
    WTB Kinah Votan nur Auktionshaus Trade oder Face to Face
    WTB Level 40+ Aion Accounts with GOOD GEAR - Details Inside1z1zPost here before contacting me please. LOOKING TO BUY THE FOLLOWING: 1. Chanters 2. Gladiators 3. Rangers 4. Assassins 5. Templars AIM me and we can work something out. Cheers -Xii
    WTB Nekekan Asmo Cleric1z1zPreferbly lvl 40+. Pls pm me or post here with ur details if u are interested. tks
    wtb sin (elys perento)
    WTB 55 Asmo Spiritmaster on Siel
    Wtb a lvl 50 templar or glad on telemachus eu1z1zlooking for a char that aso have a migrent set tnx people i want elyos
    WTB Account EU Gorgos Asmodian side.1z1zPlease give me offers on characters. 30+ Asmodian Gorgos server. Chanter/Assassin preferred. Thank you.
    Wtb account1z1zHello after about half year i decided to move back to na aion.I am interested to buy an account from lvl 30 till lvl 55.I am interested for all types except sin and chanter.Pvp account ofc.Pm your offers.
    WTB Aion CN Account
    WTB aion eu account on spatalos elyos
    WTB Aion EU Time Card
    WTB Aion Key
    WTB Aion Preorder Collector's Edition Key :: Paypal & Trust Who Verified
    WTB aion Ranger or Assassin1z1zI wtb a ranger or a assassin Needs to be lvl 27+ and u need to have all the account information!
    WTB AION TIME CARDS (NORTH AMERICA)1z1zwtb aion time cards pm me prices post first contact:*****************************************************
    WTB Aion timecard EU
    WTB Assa lvl 50+ Kromede Elyos1z1zHi, ich möcht wie im Titel beschrieben gerne einen Assa lvl 50+ auf der Elyos Seite auf dem Server Kromede kaufen. Das Gear, die Berufe etc. sind mir alles egal. Mir gehts nur um das LvL und die Klasse. Schreibt mir doch einfach ein paar angebote. Lg. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Im looking for an Assa lvl 50+ on elyos site, Kromede server. I don't care of equipment, Kinah or what ever, its a matter of LvL and class. If you have one, just write me an offer here. greetz.
    WTB cheap 50 or 55 char pref geared!
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