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    WTS Cheapest EU CD-Keys1z1zI'd like to present to you my Stock of Aion Online CD-Keys for sale. Start your Aion journey with us as quickly and as easy as you can. The delivery time is no longer than a few minutes and the process looks like that: You add me to the : souljah [at] aiontrade [dot] com You specify how many and which of the product you would like to buy. You follow the link to complete the payment. Once the payment is there, we need a while to process it and deliver you a key. Payment by PayPal Verified or Credit Card. You should have your CD-Key shortly on either your or the E-mail Address you want. Europe Version: Standard Edition: 36.99 Euro Collector's Edition: 55.99 Euro 15-Days Game Card: 11.99 Euro 30-Days Game Card: 15.99 Euro 60-Days Game Card: 25.99 Euro Sincerely, Souljah souljah [at ]aiontrade [dot] com
    WTS Cleric 55 asmo Perento
    WTS CLERIC1z1zwts cleric lvl 22 . game is Collector Edition payed 59 efor game then i buy 3 time cards game is payed to 21.12.2009. for more info pm me .. sell it for low mony sry my bad english
    WTS Decked 50 Gladiator Elyos 3/5 Miragent 40mil - Us Yustiel, CE1z1zdelete
    WTS elyos gladiator 55 Zapiel+10 server FR
    WTS Elyos vaiziel account
    WTS EU 42 Ranger | Spatalos | Asmodian ( 1 2 3 ... Last Page)
    WTS EU Aion Collectors Edition Account - 25 Asmodian Glad + More1z1zQuitting the game so no longer have any use of the account. Current characters include 25 Glad and 10 Sorcerer and a 1 Scout that I made in the pre-selection, All Asmodians on <span style="font-weight: bold">EU server Castor</span>, obviously characters can be deleted or kept and new characters can be made on any of the other EU servers. The Gladiator has 460k Kinah and 4 extra bag slots (total of 7 slots = 63 spaces) The warehouse has some slot upgrades too with 56 spaces. On the Glad and Sorc there are quite afew items, crafting, armor etc, which you can share between any characters on the server using the Account warehouse. This is the <span style="font-weight: bold">Collectors Edition</span> so ANY character on this account, new or old has access to those extra items, including Armor, special emotes, dyes (for your armor) and a item that increases your <span style="font-weight: bold">XP gained by 20% for a hour</span>, every character you make will be able to get 5 of these. The Gladiator still has his 5 and the Sorc actually has 10! <span style="font-weight: bold">Gathering and Crafting.</span> Gladiator - To buy the Collectors Edition for me it was ?45, ive just checked on the Aion site and can no longer see the Collectors Edition on sale. I am asking for ?35, which is the price for the normal account, but you get all the bits from the Collectors Edition plus the toons on the account already and all the items and Kinah(gold). Prefer Paypal. Not looking to trade for anything. Any questions just ask. Post before contact. Thanks.
    WTS EU Gorgos Asmodian Chanter LVL 44
    WTS EU Gorgos Asmodian Chanter LVL 441z1zNice Gear Level 42 + Gathering 340+ Stats * HP 4657 (+882) * MP 5045 (+247) * Attack (M/O) 251 (+58) / 0 * Critical (M/O) 257 (+196) / 0 * Accuracy (M/O) 1091 / 0 * Magic Boost 642 (+52) * Resist Magic 749 (+50) * Attack Speed 2.0 * Physical Defense 1064 (+260) * Parry 1176 (+21) * Magical Accuracy 934 (+49) * Evasion 1043 (+43) * Movement Speed 6.0 * Shield Defense 564 I only accept paypal or moneybookers To get more info pm.
    WTS EU Thor Elyos Mage
    WTS Euro Sin 46lvl Asmo Perento
    WTS GamezAion acc full abg
    WTS Gladiator / Templar / Assasin 55 Full Elite Gear's
    WTS Gladitor full 50 abys + 10 with SW +10, Elyos Spatalos1z1zI sell my account with Gladiator, Spatalos Elyos but it's possible change server, reward: 15 months Weapon: Stormwing +10 combinated with 50 abys, with paralyze Gear: all set abys 50 elite + 10 Accessory: ring and earrings 55 gold abys, neck and helm 50 gold abyss Job: Artisan Weaponsmithing 478/499 (with very many item balaur in warehouse) Master in Cooking 514/550 Expert Aethertapping 490/499 Warehouse: many balaur item for weaponsmithing many blue and gold fluc (accessory, weapon and armor) of diffent kind like 280k of ap in item ap a ench lvl 106 (very expensive and good) 80 platinum medal color: black (17), green (5) and orange (5) fun skin of EC wearing some milion of kinah and consumable too if you want a screenshot, I can do it easy (the account it's playable untill 06 Jul) my email is: [email protected] pay: paypal thanks
    WTS IMBA GEARED 55lv CLERIC elyos / over 2450magic boost ( 1 2)
    WTS IMBA GEARED 55lv CLERIC elyos / over 2450magic boost ( 1 2)1z1zchar is on telemachus and can be transfer on every server. gear: full lvl 30 cloth set +10,11 stacked with magic boost 23 and full 40lvl set with +12 magic resist stacked major part of laize pve set from abyssal splinter lots of kinah (many items worth like 100-150kk) around 480 in cooking, 399 in alchemy weapon nearly +10 few accessories lvl 55 abyss stats: Imageshack - statspy.jpg more info after contact leave offers on pm or mail *****************************************************
    WTS Infinite Aion Account
    WTS Kinah Kromede Elyos
    WTS Kinah on Telemachus (180m)1z1zi've sold many item in my alt and now i've 180.000.000 kinah on telemachus i'll sell 180m for 300usd or 90m for 150usd the kinah is transferable
    WTS Kinah Thor Elyos1z1zPM or email me at *****************************************************
    WTS KINAH Vaziel Asmodian1z1zWTS kinah Asmodian 100 Million each $ 1 Bulk , PM your offer , thx
    WTS L55 Gladiator & L55 Ranger, Both in full elite pvp gear1z1zL55 Gladiator - Triroan Polearm/PvP combo +10 - Full 50e Abyss Gear +3 - Everything Already slotted with best Manastones - Full PvP accessories - 345,498 AP on him already =) L55 Ranger - Drazma Bow/PvP combo +1 - Full 40e Abyss Gear +10 - 4/7 PvP accessories - Everything Slotted - 621,797 AP =) Allot of hard work and love went into these toons =) Have other toons 18SM, 20SM, 37Cleric, 33Chant, 38 sin. Please Post here and contact me with offers. AIM: Topherhaha Also contact if you want In game and armory pictures !! =)
    WTS Level 39 Asmodian Sorcerer (FT attuned) *Azphel*1z1zI am looking to sell my US Aion account due to a new job basically cutting my play time to absolute zero. It's a shame that I can't continue to play because the game is awesome thus far, but oh well. My collection skills are fairly well balanced and I still have all of my Collectors Edition items. That means 5x Emblems (20% exp for an hour), one event ring (water) as well as multiple other collector edition items. Account Type: Collectors Edition Pre-Order Server: Azphel Race: Asmodian Level/Class: 39 Sorc Kinah: 2.8mil Greater Alchemy: 29/299 Greater Extract Vitality: 129/299 Greater Extract Aether: 38/299 Playable Until: November 26, 2009 I'm looking for offers around $100. If somebody puts up a $100 offer, consider it sold. Please post here before contacting me. If you have any questions, get in touch with me ASAP. AIM: deadcakes3 E-mail: [email protected]
    wts lv 40 sin, spatalos1z1zlv 40 sin with 439 crit, 62'000 abyss points waiting to be spent, lv 35 abyss dagger with good godstone (22k AP one). from what i remember, atleast a few mil in bank. bump if interested, cheers no timewasters though please. £150 wins outright. (this account is on sale for $340 on a couple of websites). im willing to go a little lower though if it means a quicker sale.
    WTS Aion1z1zHi there ^^ I sell my accout: Sorcerer Asmo lvl 32 on [FR] del.tras server. Never Buy Khinas or botting. 35€ only paypal See ya
    WTS an EU and an US Aion Accounts
    WTS Assassin 51 full fenris Asmodian1z1zSold.
    WTS ASSASSIN 55 - Telemachus - 3 BLN ACCOUNT
    WTS Chanter 55 with e50 PvP Gear Elyos Perento
    WTS Account Ranger 38 Elyos Gorgos1z1zHi, I would like to sell my Aion account that has a Ranger lvl 38, on the elyos side, the server is Gorgos NG]. It has extract vitality 350, extract aether 315, alchemy 310. It is payed until march. If you have any question contact me
    WTS Aion Account (NA) (Paid until october 2010) or trade for cabal :X
    WTS Aion Account (NA) (Paid until october 2010) or trade for cabal :X1z1zI want to sell my aion account, I bought the game and paid a years subscription and then realized I don't even like the game, so yeah, I want to sell it. It is on NA version, but you can play NA version from any country if you want, they don't block IPs. I have a level 17 Ranger, on Siel server, elyoes side, but level 17 is only 1 days playing so you can just delete it. I will also trade for cabal online europe - mercury, accounts or items. SOLD
    WTS Aion Account (Pre-order + Collector's Edition)
    WTS Aion CE Account 28 Asmodian Ranger1z1zselling CE aion account with a 28 ranger for pretty cheap! AIM me for more info / armory link AIM = trayzors please post here before messaging me EDIT: fixed typo in AIM name
    WTS Aion Coll Acc mit 33 Assa (Schnäppchen)1z1zWTS Aion Collectors Acc mit 33 Assa Elyos auf thor der assa hat c.a. noch ne mille bei sich. 30€ (verhandelbar) per paypal es gibt keine coll keys mehr also greift zu das is nen wahres schnäppchen. (der acc muss weg~ Alles muss raus aktion xD) ( wie gesagt Preis is Verhandelbar meldet euch bei mir per PM ) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ WTS Aion Collectors Account with a lvl 33Assassin Elyos on Thor(German) price: 40$ ( we can talk about it ) via paypal
    WTS Aion EU Account : Ranger 55
    WTS Aion EU Account (Kromede)
    WTS Aion Eylos Israpheal lvl 47 sorc with almost full gold gear set/good crafting1z1zI have a level 47 sorc who's pretty well geared out for his level. Aion Theres the toon look up. I also have bout 20-25 mill more kinah in items including a reapers jewel worth 12 mill. The crafting stats are expert essencetapping 401 amateur aethertapping 84 amateur cooking 62 novice alchemy 143 expert handicrafting 414 with 50= recipies. Let me know if your interested As far as price goes throw me an offer. But it needs to be sold fast. The account also is 10 months old so in two more months you get those 1 yr bonus wings. Contact me here or my email [email protected] or I'm on aim a bit skittlesown101 If you have any other questions feel free to hit me up.
    WTS Aion GameTime Card 30 Days1z1zHab die regeln nicht geelesen löschen bitte
    WTS Aion Kinah On All US Server
    WTS Aion Kinah on Elyos Thor
    WTS Aion NA 60 day timecards Discount for bulk
    WTS Aion NA 60 day timecards Discount for bulk1z1z
    WTS Aion Ninja USB Stick1z1zHallo, ich möchte meinen Aion Ninja USB Stick bzw. Account verkaufen. Ich spiele kein Aion mehr und dafür, dass er bei mir zuhause rumliegt, war er mir dann doch zu teuer. Ich würde ihn via Paypal verkaufen und verschicke ihn am liebsten aus Deutschland nach Deutschland ich würde für den Stick 40 Euro inkl Versand haben wollen. Wenn du interesse hast, melde dich am besten bei mir via icq 229575413 oder mit einer PM
    WTS Aion Permenant NA closed beta account.
    WTS Aion Permenant NA closed beta account.1z1zSelling a permenant closed beta account for Aion, this means it will work past the 7th of June. Price £50 PM me if you're interested.
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